Missy Will Return in Season 9

The mystery of Missy was a season long arc all year that seemingly came to an end in the season finale, “Death in Heaven.”  The Brigadier, turned into a Cyberman, blasted the regenerated Master killing her.  Or so it seemed.

Michelle Gomez who plays Missy confirmed to Doctor Who Magazine that the character will return next season.  Which is great news for fans of Doctor Who and the Master.

“‘Yes’ is my answer. I’ll be back. Can I say that? Am I allowed? If not… well, I guess we’ll have to see how she’s received…” (h/t Doctor Who TV)

Of course, this revelation leads to a plethora of questions for Whovians.  The obvious first one being, why didn’t she die?  She was clearly hit by the blue blast from CyberBrig and vanished.  If she was dead and the Master regenerated then a new actor or actress would need to play the next regeneration of Master Missy.  Right? 

But what if the blue blast was not a kill shot.  The Doctor had taken away the cellphone death ray weapon that Missy had used to kill Seb and Osgood from Clara and intended to use it to kill Missy.  Effectively he was saving Clara’s soul at the expense of his own.  But CyberBrig intervened.

Perhaps instead of killing Missy he fired a teleporter ray.  Earlier in the season, we saw characters seemingly die by taking a suicide pill only to be transported to a ship in the episode “Time Heist.”  Maybe this blue ray, which was strikingly different from the red death ray used on Seb and Osgood, was a teleportation ray.

Perhaps Missy was then transported to a ship in space operated by UNIT and now under the command of CyberBrig.  Missy could then escape and be free to harass the Doctor again.  It’s all speculation of course, but it would be fun.

What do you think of Missy’s return next season?  Leave your thoughts below.