Indira Varma reveals Sand Snake Details

Indira Varma only joined the cast of Game of Thrones a year ago, as part of the advance party for the upcoming Dornish invasion this season. Though she and Pedro Pascal didn’t have all that much screen time in the grand scheme of things, their performances stood out in a season full of great ones.

See what Varma had to say about her role and the Dornish storyline below!

Season 5 Trailer Ellaria maybe

Varma was recently interviewed by The Independent, ostensibly for her latest stage role in George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman”. Though she makes a point to focus on the show at hand that she’s in through most of the interview, she can’t escape answering at least a few questions about the upcoming season of Thrones.

Ironically, Varma isn’t big into television, though she’s become something of a nerd television staple, having appeared in HBO’s Rome as Suzie in Torchwood, and as ex wife Zoe in Luther. Her real love is theater. It’s actually part of what she loves about working on Game of Thrones.

Varma confesses to not being much of a TV-watcher, she enjoys the filming. “What’s lovely is there’s so many British theatre actors: ‘Oh, hello darling…’ – there was a lot of that. It’s also very laid back; Dan and Dave [creators David Benioff and DB Weiss] are very cool. It feels like a family.”

As for giving us details on Season 5, she tries very hard not to give anything away:

“If you’ve seen season four, you know why I’m back,” begins Varma. “We go to Dorne…”

But in hopes of trying to say nothing of value, she accidentally reveals something rather interesting:

 “Basically, you meet some of her clan and shit happens! I’ve got three hot, hot daughters.”

Why is that interesting? Well, the Sand Snakes (the three “hot, hot daughters” she’s referring to) aren’t actually her daughters in the books. There are actually eight Sand Snakes all told, all of whom are Oberyn’s daughters. But the oldest five (two of the three being portrayed in the series) are his daughters from previous lovers before he took Ellaria Sand. Only the youngest Snake, Tyene, is Ellaria’s.

Certainly it makes more sense to make all the Sand Snakes we meet Ellaria’s daughters. As we’ve seen before, the show strives to streamline family relations, and remove extra sons and daughters and parents who aren’t going to show up on screen anyway. But this change also elevates Varma’s character, who, once Oberyn is dead, doesn’t have much to do but mourn. It also suggests that she may have a leading role in the Sand Snakes plot.

[spoiler]With the role of Princess Arianne not cast, and therefore out of the picture, it wasn’t clear who would be directing the Sand Snakes wish to avenge their father into action. But with this relationship established, that Sand in the Snake’s mother, and therefore more likely to be able to plot with them, and taking into account the pictures of Ellaria and Areo Hotah together, this detail suggests it will be Sand’s character who steps up into that character’s role.[.spoiler]