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Jonathan Pryce talks Game of Thrones Season 5 and Wolf Hall

Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Wolsey in Wolf Hall

Jonathan Pryce will be making his Game of Thrones debut this season, as the High Sparrow. Pryce was interviewed by Liverpool Echo, while he was in Liverpool for a BBC Showcase featuring the actor’s current show, Wolf Hall.

See what Mr. Pryce has to say about his role on Wolf Hall and

Game of Thrones, after the jump.

Jonathan Pryce as the High Sparrow in Game of Thrones Season 5

Jonathan Pryce’s role in Wolf Hall – a story follows Henry VIII’s  relationship with Anne Boleyn and the religious upheavals of the Protestant movement – is of Cardinal Wolsey. Cardinal Wolsey was King Henry VIII’s closest adviser, and in correlation to Game of Thrones, he was basically King Henry’s Hand of the King.

Pryce was asked about his inspiration for the role of Cardinal Wolsey:

“But I suppose when you look at any group of politicians from the Tudor age to the present day, there has always been that machination behind the scenes, the done deals and the clever maneuverings. It’s all there.”

Ironically, Pryce will go from portraying a religious leader who was the right hand of King Henry VIII in Wolf Hall, to a religious leader who refuses to bow to the crown on Game of Thrones. The actor was asked to dish on what we may see in Season 5:

“I can’t give too much away but there are some real surprises this season. Some surprise deaths too, but then that’s Game of Thrones.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that there will be surprise deaths during this upcoming season. Earlier this month, George R.R. Martin, himself, had a warning about deaths on the show, versus the books.

“People are going to die who don’t die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy. So everybody better be on their toes. David and D.B. are even bloodier than I am.”

With all these warnings, foretelling their deathly doom and gloom, I am starting to really worry that one or more of my favorite characters will be visiting the Stranger sooner than they should.


  • Isn’t it a spoiler to say that he is the new High Septon, since he doesn’t become so until the old High Septon “falls ill” and the Sparrows storm the High Sept? Especially since I thought it’s been confirmed that Season 3/4 High Septon is appearing in Season 5, which means that High Sparrow doesn’t start Season 5 that way. I’m not saying that I think they are going to introduce Osney Kettleblack this late in the show to kill the old one, but I really think that sentence should be spoiler tagged so as not to give away any potential plot developments to the Unsullied fans.

  • Max,

    Not really, any unsullied that wants to remain that way should read no more after the headline anywway, their own fault if they do.

    On another note, Johnathan Pryce, i cant wait to see what he does with the part, dude is a legend.

  • Marry Me Natalie,

    I disagree, because it isn’t as if they’re stating that Styr is the commander of a band of wildlings, or other basic information about the character in their summary. This is information that may not be true for the first few episodes and may even come about as a plot twist, depending on how D&D choose to adapt AFfC. Feels tantamount to calling Balon Greyjoy the King of the Isles and the North in an article before season 2 comes out, in the sense that that information doesn’t apply to that character going into it, and may surprise some viewers.

  • Al Simon,

    The High Septon who married Tyrion to Sansa and Joffrey to Margaery and also proclaimed Tommen the new King is going to be appearing in season 5 for Margaery and Tommen’s wedding. So it is a spoiler to say Jonathan Pryce will be the new High Septon, since his character info is the High Sparrow, not the High Septon. I believe most people who come to sites like this one don’t expect to stay un-spoiled. Precisely they wish to be spoiled since they’re demanding additional info and knowledge about the show. If you wish to know nothing, then just watch the show, don’t read wiki or the books or any articles and you’ll be fine. And most definitely don’t read user comments.

  • Darjan,

    First of all, there is a huge gap between knowing nothing about a season going into it and knowing major spoilers. Just because someone watched the trailer for season four and read about the Red Viper being cast that doesn’t mean they’re ok with finding out that he gets his head smashed in. I think that unsullied members of this site have an expectation to be able to read news/interviews about the coming season without having plot points ruined for them.

    Second of all, since I genuinely think the staff will amend their article to conceal the spoiler, I know a lot of unsullied would appreciate it if you could please spoiler tag the part of your comment where the spoiler is repeated. Thanks.

  • Question :

    Do you think that we’ll see Cersei sending someone to kill the High Septon??

    And could it be Lancel in the show?

  • Moka,

    Honestly, since it seems unlikely there is much secret casting news at this point, for Kettlebacks, and with the slightly more “relatable” showCersei, I am wondering if she even will be directly responsible for the death in the same way it was in the books. If she is, I think unlike the book it won’t all be tied up with so many steps, more of a nod of “take care of that” than a grand scheme. It just got very complicated in the books in a way that I don’t think would translate to the screen very well to begin with, and basically all the “supporting cast” of those sections in the books is pretty much MIA in the show – so much like Tyrion’s journey, I have a feeling this plot line will be streamlined as well (not a bad thing in either case, honestly IMO).

  • You guys are unbelievable about Spoilers and proper courtesy of tagging a potential spoiler. If there are books out about the information that is in the show then don’t read stuff online. Simple as that. Season 6 is when it will become a problem. Unless Winds of Winter comes out by then.