New Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover Parody Comic

Legendary Star Trek writer David Gerrold has a new comic book out this week, and it just so happens to feature everyone’s favorite time-travelling Doctor.

A Doctor for the Enterprise is an unofficial parody comic published by Amazing Stories magazine, based on a script Gerrold wrote several years ago. The tale is now being brought to life by artist Troy Boyle and inker Jeff Austin. While it may not be a part of Doctor Who canon, the story certainly sounds entertaining.

As you may or may not know, Gerrold created those famous Star Trek furballs, the tribbles, in the classic 1967 episode, ‘The Trouble with Tribbles.’ So it should be no surprise to learn that A Doctor for the Enterprise takes place during that episode. But in this take on the story, Captain Kirk and his crew have to deal not only with tribbles and Klingons, but a meddlesome Time Lord and a gang of rogue Daleks.

The Doctor in the comic is the Tenth Doctor, featuring the likeness of David Tennant. From the preview pages available, it doesn’t appear that he’s brought any of his companions along for this particular journey.

This isn’t the first time that Doctor Who has crossed paths with Star Trek in comic book form, of course. In 2012, IDW Publishing produced the eight-issue miniseries, Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2. In addition to being an officially-licensed title, that story differed in that it featured the Eleventh Doctor and Amy meeting up with the TNG crew. There was a flashback in one issue, though, that featured the Fourth Doctor having an encounter with Kirk and the original Enterprise.

Limited to a run of only 500 issues, A Doctor for the Enterprise can be ordered from the Amazing Stories website in a signed, limited edition print for $29.95. That may seem a bit steep for a comic book of indeterminate length, but considering the small amount being made and the included autograph, it’s not too shabby.

UPDATE: We’ve received some additional information from the publisher regarding A Doctor for the Enterprise. The book is 24 pages in length, printed in full color on quality paper stock, and is packaged with an acid-free backing board and poly sleeve.