Game of Thrones: The Exhibition Hits Stockholm

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition is in the middle of their second stop this year, in Stockholm, Sweden at the Kungsträdgården. The first installment in London was a huge hit, and this second outing looks to be just as popular. The exhibition opened on Friday, March 7th. Where John Bradley had been in attendance in London, for this Scandinavian leg of the tour, the show trotted out Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

We’ve got pictures from the event, plus a video below, from MovieZine. Yes, it is all in Swedish, but it’s worth watching because the host, Jonna Vanhatalo, goes through the entire exhibit, testing out all the different games and features. So for those of us in the non-Sky Atlantic zone for whom this will not be stopping by, you can get a good sense of the entire experience.

Check it out below!

As for the pictures:

The website says no ticket–first come first serve.

So the queues were rather impressive.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau showed up to open the event. There were actually quite a few Swedish celebrities that turned out for this event. That might be because they’re half convinced the show is actually set in Sweden.

There are actually five lifts to the “Top of the Wall.” Considering how few men there are that man Castle Black, if that were true in the show, they could almost all go up at once.

Instead patrons just stand in the lifts and experience for themselves. No word if they manage to also replicate the biting cold.

Drogon, in his younger years.

That’s some really awesome cosplay makeup work.

And, of course, everyone has to try the Iron Throne.

Funny that no one tries Joffrey’s crown though… (j/k. I know it’s under glass. Also, Cersei would have someone’s head.)

White walkers are scary, living, dead, or stuffed.

Much like the Mountain’s sword is really impressive when put next to a normal sized person.

For more pictures, check out The Game of Thrones Exhibition’s next announced stop is in Tel Aviv, April 5-9, just ahead of the Season 5 premiere.

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