Game of Thrones Quick Draw: The Lives of Catelyn Stark and the Hound

Vanity Fair and 1A4 Studio are back with the 6th and 7th installments in their Game of Thrones Quick Draw. We’ve already seen The Life of Ned Stark, The Life of Khal Drogo, The life of Joffrey Baratheon, The Life of Robb Stark, and The Life of Ygritte. Joining that hallowed pantheon of deceased Game of Thrones characters are Catelyn Stark and The Hound.

Watch the Lives of Catelyn Stark and The Hound, after the jump.

 I pretty much spit hot tea all over my computer screen at the Eyrie scene, with Lysa breast-feeding little Lord Robert.

Next, we have the Life of The Hound, and make sure you watch the video all the way to the end. Oh and, this one is very NSFW, so make sure to turn the volume down.

 The Life of The Hound is probably my favorite of the series, thus far, simply because of the inclusion of the “eat all the chickens” scene. You have to really appreciate the fact that The Hound’s video ends with “Game Over?” and him slinking off the screen, cursing the entire way. Now I hope we get The Life of The Mountain, because you know…CLEGANEBOWL GET HYPE!

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