Brenock O’Connor talks about Olly’s incredible unpopularity

Since he delivered the killing blow to Jon Snow on Game of Thrones’ fifth season finale, it’s probably safe to say that Olly has become one of the most loathed characters currently on television. After all, how many fictional characters have their own subreddit dedicated to hating them?

Brenock O’Connor, who plays Olly, hasn’t given many interviews since the finale, possibly because he doesn’t want to risk appearing in public and getting stray bits of trash thrown at him, but he did talk to Flicks and the City from the safety of a remote, discreetly undisclosed location. While talking with interviewer Jan Gilbert, Brenock gave his thoughts on what’s in store for the Wall in Season 6, Jon Snow resurrection conspiracy theories, and the hate he receives from fans on the internet day in, day out.

It also bears mentioning that Brenock is apparently slated to appear in the BBC’s Dickensian TV series, but this interview pays that only the barest of lip service. It’s all Olly-killed-Jon, all the time.

“I’ve got the fans who are like, ‘Aw no, uh, we love Jon. We’d you have to do this? You’re the worst character in it.’ And then I’ve got the people who understand that it’s not reality, and they’re saying, ‘Oh, well done for the scene although I hate your character.'” So everybody hates him, then.

In all seriousness, O’Connor seems like a friendly enough guy, and it’s got to be tough to be the actor brought onto the show to kill not one, but two fan favorites. I never really considered that O’Connor may have gotten flak for killing Ygritte back in Season 4. And if those fans thought they didn’t like him then…

That said, O’Connor shows an impressive command of the show’s mythology for someone who hasn’t read the books, directly addressing many of the theories by which Jon Snow may be resurrected and even dropping the phrase “The dragon has three heads.” Of course, O’Connor doesn’t know what’s coming in Season 6 anymore than the rest of the cast, but the notion that the show could just skip the Wall next year is interesting. That would allow the producers to stand by their claims that Jon Snow won’t appear in Season 6 while still keeping his potential resurrection under wraps.

In the end, I’ll leave you with O’Connor’s justification for why you don’t have to be critical of him. “I’m so, so sorry if any of you were offended, but it was in the script. What could I do?” I can live with that.

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