What Does ‘Hodor’ Mean? Kristian Nairn Theorizes

Now that Kristian Nairn has been seen alongside Isaac Hempstead Wright in Belfast, we can be fairly certain that Nairn’s character—gentle giant Hodor—will return for the show’s sixth season. Welcome back, Hodor. you’ve been missed.

In advance of his return, Nairn has been making the press rounds, and recently sat down with Alyona Minkovski on HuffPost Live. In addition to schooling those who haven’t read the books on Hodor’s real name, Nairn offered some interesting theories as to what the word ‘Hodor’ might mean. I would have thought a question like that would be an invitation to goof off, but it’s clear that Nairn has done his homework and thought about this.

Nairn’s point about Höðr being the name for the Norse god of winter is intriguing, and George R.R. Martin seems crafty enough to have slipped that reference into the text on purpose. I dunno if that means that Hodor is somehow connected to the White Walkers, but it’s worth noting, and if nothing else I got a mythology lesson out of it.

I also love Nairn’s personal dream for what ‘Hodor’ means: that it’s a word of command that would give him control over a dragon. I don’t think I need to tell anyone how awesome that would be. It’s pretty self-evident.

H/T Huffpost Entertainment

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