UPDATED: Explosive footage from behind the scenes of Game of Thrones Season 7



Game of Thrones fan EvilSmileHD has gotten hold of video from behind the scenes of Season 7. Reportedly filmed sometime during the last couple of weeks near Malpartida, the scene involves pyrotechnics and a guy getting set on fire. It’s intense. Watch it below. (EvilSmileHD talks over the first couple of minutes. To see the scene without commentary, skip to 2:45.)

UPDATE: Later, Javi Marcos of Los Siete Reinos uploaded a clearer version of the video where you can more easily make out the burning man’s words.

Let’s go over the important points here:

  • The crew is filming at night, so this is probably a night scene, unless they’re shooting it night-for-day for some weird reason.
  • There is a huge burst of flame, and a character is set on fire.
  • We’re not sure who the character is, but he yells “Khaleesi” right before the fireball goes off. That marks him as someone in Daenerys’ camp. Maybe it’s a member of the Dothraki. Or it could be Jorah? In terms of the guy actually getting set on fire, it’s definitely a stuntman.
  • The guy says some other things besides “Khaleesi,” but they’re hard to make out. Does anyone have any ideas? UPDATE: It’s easier to hear him in the new version. It sounds like he says “What sort of witchcraft is this?” It’s probably not a Dothraki character if he’s speaking English that clearly. But who besides Jorah both speaks English and uses the word “Khaleesi?”
  • The character rolls on the ground afterward, putting out some of the flames. That could be the stuntman trying to minimize the effects of the fire, or it could mean that the character thinks quickly and saves himself from a fiery death.
  • Between the Daenerys connection and the great ball of fire, we’re very likely looking at the work of a dragon. If that’s the case, it’ll be inserted into the scene later with digital wizardry. But which dragon is it? And is it acting alone or on Daenerys’ (or someone else’s) command?

Lots of fun questions to ponder. It wouldn’t be the first time Daenerys’ dragons have barbecued a guy alive.

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