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Small Council: Who’s your favorite couple on Game of Thrones, and who are you pulling for?

Valentine’s Day fell earlier this week, so we’re devoting this Small Council to that rarest of Westerosi phenomena: romantic love. Which couples on the show, whether still together or torn apart (probably by death) have touched your heart? Is there anybody you’ll pulling to get together in the future?

To put it more simply, who, if anyone, do you ship? Welcome to what I suspect will be a kind of silly session of the Small Council.


RICHARD: There are several potential couples out there, and while I yearn for a hilarious yet bizarre Brienne-and-Tormund pairing, I’m most partial to a Meera and Bran pairing. She’s fought long and hard for him (and is going to keep fighting) and he’s essentially grown up with her at his side. The bond formed under this kind of duress has to be powerful, and it would take just one small push for it to turn intimate.

Yes, Bran’s below-the-waist gear may not work, but his physical situation doesn’t count out the possibility of romance. Meera doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl who, if she fell in love with Bran, would reject him based on those issues. And look at their situation: two youngsters in the wilderness, in danger, hearts pounding, biological urges clamoring…I mean, come on, man—I saw The Blue Lagoon.

Maybe they’ve been too busy trudging through snowbanks and running from White Walkers to notice, but once they get a chance to slow down a bit—a brief respite at Winterfell, perhaps—sparks might fly. Yes, they did spend the entirety of Season 5 locked up in the Three-eyed Raven’s cave together and apparently nothing occurred, even though Meera was bored out of her mind. I guess it’s no fun hitting on a guy while he’s zonked out in greensight trances.

But now, with the Three-Eyed Raven out of the picture (apparently), Bran and Meera are on their own. Meera doesn’t seem interested in romance, but Bran hasn’t sent her any signals so we really don’t know. Bran is awake, and maybe he’ll wake up and realize that he wants the girl at his side to stay there forever.

Blood of My Blood

SARAH: I’m a big fan of happy endings for the Stark children, and I have to commend Richard for his excellent choice of a Meera/Bran (Breera? Merandon?) pairing. As for the rest of the Starks, it’s hard to choose between Sansa/Podrick (Podsa), Jon/an easy life (impossible) and Arya/Gendry (Gendya). But Arya’s happiness matters the most to me, so let’s be biased.

Arya loves Gendry. Gendry loves Arya. On this, we can all agree, even if our opinions differ on the nature of that love. When they first met, Arya was little more than a child. It would have been creepy to allow romance to blossom. Instead, a firm foundation of friendship and understanding was laid, which is better. Ned and Robert once planned to marry their children. With an Arya/Gendry pairing, the show could come full circle and see that dream realized, turning the pre-established idea of a married, settled Sansa and an unmarried, wild Arya on its head. I absolutely believe that Arya could find happiness in a marriage that allowed her to be free. That’s what she could find in Gendry.

As for Gendry, I’m of the opinion that when and if he returns to the show, he stands a good chance of being legitimized by Jon or Daenerys to give the Stormlands a Baratheon leader who can rally that kingdom. With a noble title comes the obligation to marry a highborn girl, but Gendry, being Gendry, is as stubborn as his father and not likely to feel comfortable with that arrangement. Can you see him with a more high maintenance girl like Dany or Sansa? He’d hate it. He’d be constantly reminded of his low beginnings, and the Gendry we know wouldn’t agree to it. But if a grown-up Arya came back into his life and an attraction grew between them? She is the only highborn girl that a guy like Gendry would feel comfortable with.

As couples go, these two couldn’t be more compatible. They have excellent banter. They trust one another. They’re both brave, practical and unwilling to take crap from people. They became close friends and remain bonded for life in spite of the fact that their social standings ought to have divided them, and in spite of the fact that Arya probably thinks he’s dead. That can be rectified. One of Arya’s best qualities is that she doesn’t care if a person is highborn because she judges people by their behavior. Not a lot of highborn people do that, and that’s what makes all of the difference to a man like Gendry. I’m behind these two, all the way.

Gendry Arya

COREY: This is harder than I thought it would be, probably because love is so hard to come by in Westeros. We get few examples of it on the show, and the ones we do get usually end very violently. Jon and Ygritte, Robb and Talisa, Ned and Cat…none of these relationships ended well.

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but I don’t think many of the ships proposed above will end up working. I don’t think that Jon and Daenerys, the last Targaryens, will settle down together. Yes, they will most likely team up to fight the White Walkers, and yes there might even be some physical attraction, but I doubt it will translate into a long-term relationship. I don’t see Jon and Sansa ending up together, either. I think Jon will likely want to lay his burdens down once the threat of the White Walkers is dealt with. Jon is already weary, and the war with the White Walkers isn’t like to help with that. I see Jon settling down somewhere by himself and becoming a farmer or fisherman.

Likewise, I don’t see Bran and Meera getting together, because I believe being the Three Eyed Raven will ultimately consume all of Bran’s time and focus. The way I see it, there are only two couples that stand a chance of actually making it. The first is Arya and Gendry. I can’t add anything to Sarah’s explanation — it makes perfect sense. The other relationship I can see happing is Brienne and Jaime.

What’s that old saying about opposites? Almost since the moment they met, there’s been chemistry between these two. Brienne has been a force for change in Jaime’s life unlike anyone before. Consider that despite growing up around people like Barristan Selmy, under whom Jaime served in the Kingsguard, no one could break the hold Cersei had on him until Brienne came along. It’s ironic — of all the knights Jaime hung around, it was the Brienne, a non-knight, who was finally able to teach Jaime honor and dignity.

Brienne is the complete opposite of Cersei in every way. Brienne is honorable, loyal and has fought adversity her entire life. Cersei is as dishonorable as they come, has grown up with every privilege and did not hesitate to sleep around on Jaime the second he went off to war. Cersei is vain and beautiful, traits no one would ever grant Brienne. Jaime has always been vain as well, so finally ending up with someone not considered classically beautiful would be another bit of irony.

If that wasn’t enough, consider that Jaime respects Brienne’s fighting abilities, something he could never say of Cersei. Jaime’s identity has always been intertwined with his skill as a warrior, so earning his respect in that area is a monumental compliment. After Jaime frees himself from his toxic relationship with Cersei and the war with the White Walkers is won (I hope), I can see Jaime and Brienne settling down together. Make it happen, Martin. Give us something to hope for.

GoT 608 20 brienne and jaime

KATIE:  I’ve discussed my choice of ship before, and I’m still on board the Jon/Sansa steamboat of love. Since their reunion in season 6’s “Book of the Stranger,” I’ve imagined Jon’s problem to be similar to Shang’s in Mulan. While Shang was forced to question his sexuality in the face of Mulan’s misleading appearance as Ping, Jon’s consternation arises from wanting to make out with his half-sister (or cousin, as the case may be). But tomato, tomahto. The cousin thing is pretty much a non-factor, considering that Game of Thrones set that precedent with couples like Tywin and Joanna Lannister, as well as Ned Stark’s parents. Now that I’ve got that obligatory disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the romance.

First of all, Jon has this classically romantic habit of looking at Sansa while she’s looking elsewhere. It’s like the showrunners were channeling the spirits of Walt Disney and Jane Austen just to add a much-needed dash of romance to the violent world of Thrones. Either that, or Benioff and Weiss were like, “Kit and Sophie have some solid chemistry. Huh. Let’s light the internet on fire.” Really, you should have seen the Jon x Sansa tags on Tumblr from episodes four to ten. Chaos isn’t a ladder, it’s just a bunch of people screaming over gifsets.

Whatever the behind-the-scenes situation may be, there remains some major untapped potential between Jon and Sansa. Ned told his eldest daughter back in season 1 that he would make her a match with “someone who’s brave, gentle, and strong.” Ding-ding-ding, let’s get that spotlight on Jon Snow, who incidentally needs those qualities in his partner, too. Then again, who doesn’t?

Indeed, Jon and Sansa have given each other precisely what they each need: she gave him a renewed sense of purpose, and he gave her a safe haven. Sansa tells Jon what he needs to hear, if only he would listen. Jon offers Sansa trust and security, if only she would let her guard down enough to accept it. Sansa protects Jon from his self-doubt, and he offers himself in a way that no man has to Sansa before: with no strings, no expectations, and no ulterior motive. There is an intense love between these two, whether you categorize it as romantic or otherwise.

And don’t even get me started on the tent scene from “Battle of the Bastards.” I mean, if the showrunners didn’t want me to ship it, then they wouldn’t have made Jon profess his ardent desire to protect Sansa while they were alone, illuminated by candlelight: “I won’t ever let him touch you again. I’ll protect you. I promise.” Okay, find your chill, Jonathan; as far as you know she’s still your sister. That brief exchange was the least familial thing I’ve seen on this show, and that includes all those times Cersei and Jaime dipped into their Marvin Gaye collection.

To cap this off, let me just say that while there’s a touch of tension brewing between Jon and Sansa, ten to one it’s mostly sexual and everyone owes me five dollars when this is over. If not, at least give me a compilation of Jon and Sansa’s scenes cut together with Frankie Valli’s “My Eyes Adored You” to help stave off my bitterness.

DAN: I’ve always enjoyed the relationship between Jaime and Brienne, but one of my favorite things about it is that it’s never struck me as romantic. I see it more as a deep and abiding kinship built on mutual respect.

I think that exploring the romantic dimensions of the Jaime-Brienne relationship would be taking the easy way out. I’ve always appreciated that Game of Thrones explores different kinds of romantic love, from the sturdy partnership between Ned and Catelyn to the doomed passion between Jon and Ygritte to even the twisted companionship between Ramsay and Myranda. And there lots of other kinds of love on display, too: parent-child, brother-sister, master-servant…I feel like too many movies and TV shows make romantic love the end goal, so it’s refreshing to watch characters who are driven by other things.

If I could wish for anybody on the show to find happiness, it would probably be Cersei. She definitely needs a healthier outlet for all that rage. But honestly, I don’t think a romance is the answer there. She’s got a LOT of work to do on herself before she’s ready for a functional relationship.

And of course I’d like to see the producers further explore Tormund’s attraction to Brienne, because I like to laugh.

Brienne, Sansa, Pod, Tormund, Jon Snow, and Dolorous Edd Official dinner

ANI: I can’t believe no one picked the most obvious pairing, but that might be because they’re the couple who haven’t met yet. We already know that when Jon Snow met a woman who was kissed by fire, he fell head over heels. What happens when he meets one who’s walked through fire and survived?

Jon and Dany are the endgame couple of this series. You can’t tell me otherwise. I have hundreds of theories for how their relationship plays out, from Dany deciding he’s kinda cute to Jon going gaga over her. Will there be high-level flirting between two of the leaders of opposing factions? Will Tyrion have to play matchmaker as well as ambassador?

We have to remember that, although they never say it, this is a world where destiny makes it so the heroes appear at the right moment in time. Lyanna and Rhaegar were hopelessly attracted to each other and ran away because Jon needed to be born to save the world. This leads me to believe something similar will happen with Jon and Dany, that the curse Mirri Maz Duur placed on Dany in season 1 will be lifted, and that the Dream of Spring includes the next generation of Targaryen inbreds. But that might be venturing into fanfic territory…

RAZOR: Okay, so, I’m going to step outside the box here — the litter box, if you will — and choose a relationship that tragically ended way too early: Ser Pounce and Tommen. Never before has there been a young man and his furry friend more in love than these two. It didn’t matter that they weren’t of the same species, because, the relationship was strictly platonic.

On cold blustery nights, Ser Pounce would hop up into bed and keep the young prince’s feet warm by cuddling up under the blankets next to his human’s icy cold toes. When Tommen’s mother, Cersei, would force him to stay at the dinner table until he had eaten all his beets, Tommen would drop them on the floor where Ser Pounce would eat them all, leaving no evidence of the nasty vegetables, and then the two would run and play until bedtime, where they would fall asleep and dream of catnip and yarn.

When Tommen became King of all Westeros, it was Ser Pounce who guarded his room against any assassins who might seek to do him harm. One night, a particularly bothersome leaf blew in through the window and nearly woke Tommen, but thanks to Ser Pounce’s cat-like reflexes (because, you know, he’s a cat) the leaf was caught and dealt with accordingly, and Tommen slept through the night. A King needs his rest.

Sadly, one day, when Ser Pounce was out tracking down a nefarious spy network of mice near the Great Sept of Baelor, he was blown to bits along with Tommen’s wife, Queen Margaery, and half of  the court. They say that when Tommen heard of this great tragedy he removed his crown and jumped out of his window, killing himself, for how could he ever live without his beloved cat, Ser Pounce?

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There are two polls today! First, what’s your favorite couple we’ve actually seen on the show? Second, who, if anyone, are you pulling for?


  • Dany and Jon won’t end up together because she can’t have children. She’ll want Jon to marry and continue the Targaryen line.

      • But the flow is super heavy and not like any period she’s had before. I think she’s having a miscarriage. So I’m guessing that it’s not impossible for her to conceive, but her womb is still cursed. I doubt she will ever be able to carry a child to term. Plus, the Targaryen women seem to have a lot of problems with their pregnancies in general, a lot of miscarriages and stillborns.

        • She also has the same sweetness taste in her mouth that she had when she was cursed infertile, also the fact that her entire story line revolves around motherhood, D&D have said Dany BELIEVES she can’t have children not that she can’t have them. I really do believe Dany will be another, whether or not she lives to raise that child itself is another question?

          • I think that Dany will conceive a child and raise that child based on Cersei’s prophecy of a younger more beautiful queen casting her down and taking all she holds dear. With Cersei taking care of Margery falsely believing herself to have ended her curse I think once she meets Dany (most likely her relationship with King in the North also)she will see the truth of it.

            For Cersei’s prophecy to be true then Dany will have to rule Westeros. All Cersei holds dear are her reign, children, and Jaime.

  • Sansa and Jon — ewwwww. And I had gotten the impression the Arya/Gendry thing was friendship, brother-sister, and mutual respect. With the show having aged up everyone dramatically, the characters’ feelings are also probably pushed into the post-puberty range as well, but I still think of Arya as that 8 year old girl from the books.

    Sansa and Petyr — now there’s a possibility. Kind of like Francis and Clare Underwood. But in Westeros, the backstabbing and eviscerating are literal, and out in the open.

    • I think the relationship between Arya and Gendry has always been a bit different than simply friendship. When Arya talks about their becoming family, Gendry says she would be his lady.

      I think he was attracted but she was far too young. Now she is older. It would be a good pairing, both emotionally and strategically. It would really certify him as a Baratheon and solidify relations between that family and the Starks.

      And they look really cute together.

    • Thing is, Arya Gendry have 2 scenes that might hint at some romantic interest in the books, but they were both cut from the show.

      One is Arya and Gendry playfighting/wrestling, with Gendry teasing Arya (forced to wear a dress and bathes and all like a ‘lady’), and then Gendry telling arya he’s going with another girl to anger her (why would you do that if there’s nothing one way or the other? If there was nothing she would have no reason to care).

      But on the books there’s nothing like that so it just looks like friendship.

      Also Arya is quite young, maybe too young for Gendry to even think about her that way too much. But if they ever met again, who knows? Arya would probably be 12 or 13.

      Robert had a bastard on a girl of 13 ( so she might even have been 12 when they did it ).

      And on the show, well, they don’t really keep track of ages, but Arya is probably well past that.

  • Jon and Sansa ISN’T going to happen, Sophie Turner has already said she is STRONGLY against Jon and Sansa and if she saw it written she’d have a problem with it. Kit and Emilia have also expressed how they have lobbied for the two characters to be together as well, not that the producers allow the actors to dictate but why wouldn’t they when fandom is building more steam behind Ice and Fire.

    End game is Jon and Dany. Martin’s inspirations have been “The Farseer” Chronicles and “The Lord of the Rings” and they will continue the Targaryen line whether Jon lives to see the end or not (although either Jon or Dany falling in love to only see the other die has been done and I don’t see it happening to them twice, it’s not exciting). Jon Snow seems an amalgamation of FitzChivalry and Aragorn/Stryker who returned to be king. FitzChivalry went on to have a bastard himself and Aragorn became king and fathered the next line of “whats-their-names-who-didnt-throw-away-the-one-ring” and he married Eowyn who is almost like Dany in her own story as well.

    Call me corny but I DO see Dany and Jon ruling Westeros together and repopulating the 7 Kingdoms with little fire breathing direwolves and ice dragons. The prophecy of Mirri Maz Duur will be fulfilled and her womb’s which has already quickened in Book 5.

    • Could you link to the source for Kit and Emilia saying this? I have no recollection of it. I’d also point out that the actors have no say in their characters’ futures m.

      • Kit and Emilia have always shipped their characters together. Do a little research on Google or Youtube to see interviews where they’re talking about that. Emilia even said that Dany and Jon getting together would actually be good in order to keep the Targaryen blood line pure. And Kit also suggested to George R. R. Martin to write down a Jon/Dany romance. Everything is on youtube and google. But then again, you’re right, Actors do not have a say on the writing! But it has been hinted on the show AND in the books that Dany and Jon are definitely going to hook up at some point.

      • I agree on the actors have no say but I did point that out in my comments as well. It’s not that I THINK they have a say, Benioff even mentioned he wanted to kill an actor’s character even more after said actor lobbied against it.

        It just makes no sense to put Jon and Sansa together. He HAS Winterfell. He IS a Stark by his mother and the boy Good Ned Stark saved from King Robert. I doubt after all he’s done, and will do, this detail wont undo his Northern ties having been Lord Commander and credited for avenging the Red Wedding. A Sansa relationship offers nothing but a major skeeve factor.

        I think people read WAAAY to much into a girl who’s lost all her other family and all she’s had, finding her brother and safety after being physically and emotionally abused/tortured for a years. The actress also said she did not play it that way, since you asked:

      • Thanks for that correction on Eowyn and Arwen. Thanks also for beating me to the

        Do a little research on Google or Youtube to see interviews where they’re talking about that.

        I hate when people ask for a link of something that can be googled by themselves, no one assistant.

    • Jon and Sansa probably won’t happen, agreed, but the actress opinion is entirely irrelevant.

      She’s not the writer. If she object to the scene specifically because she doesn’t want to act it, they can just have a body double do it. If the showrunners thought it was a good idea they’d do it, regardless of Sophie’s thoughts on it.

      But they’ll more likely go the Dany/Jon way because people like them more than Sansa.

    • Jon x Sansa will happen if that’s what GRRM said is going to happen. It doesn’t matter whether Kit or Sophie like it or don’t like it. Emma Watson hated the thought of kissing Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint because they were such good friends and had known each other forever. It skeeved her out. But Emma is not Hermione. And when the time came, she kissed both of them because she’s an actress playing a part and she was professional enough to do her job. When the time comes, I think both Kit and Sophie are also professional enough to do what’s in the script for their characters, regardless of how they feel personally.

      Jon x Dany will happen if that’s what GRRM told D&D is going to happen. D&D have said they’re obligated to do GRRM’s endings, and they’ve known the endings for the major characters for years now. When the Battle for the Dawn is over and done with, and hopefully won, if Jon ends up marrying Sansa in the last book, then that’s what we’re getting in the show. And personally, if S6 is any judge, I think it’s a likely possibility that this what D&D are setting up for.

  • It’s hard to root or ship for any couples, because they sometime waffle back to being with someone to killing them off the show. I would love to see Cersi expression when Jaime screams out Brienne name during a tryst, now that would be the million dollar scene.

  • Sam and Gilly is genuine. They complete each other, but Jon and Ygritte was fire in the land of ice. Meera and Bran could be friends who love each other, not needing the consummation.

    • Jorahs love for Daenerys grew each season, and the interesting thing is Daenerys has a non romantic love for him, too. Compare her saying goodbye to Dario and saying goodbye to him. The person she truly misses is Jorah.

      • There is no doubt that Dany loves Jorah, the issue is because Dany never had a parental figure in her childhood Jorah became that to her, she says that in the booksa father figure. That is why Dany though Jorah is one of the people she loves the most she can’t see him romantically. They really have one of the most beautiful relationships though, love them too on screen together.

  • Any couple that involves incest I’m against period. What’s wrong with you people who want Jon and Sansa or Dany or voted for Jamie and Cersei. Don’t give me its a different time bullshit either. Its fucked up end of story. I guess I’ll take Ned and Cat by default I never cared much for the Ygritte character. As for possible couple I’ll go Arya and Gendry as a very good possibility especially if Gendry is legitimized.

  • Ships, ships, and ships…….not everyone is into them, especially the boys. The mere mention of one, has them blasting the relationships with Uzi’s. For this series, I’m not into them either, but that’s why this series is better than Outlander and the like. Maybe I’m cold, but I really didn’t see much of a real connection between Jon and Ygrite and was never invested.

    That being said, I do question the name of the series by GRRM: The Song of Fire and Ice………….because what are songs written for? Surely not a war……..don’t see any tunes or poems about WWII. The title in itself seems to have a romantic element to it. I’m thinking there must be an element to Jon and Daenerys in this song, it’s quite logical, but maybe it’s a tragic tale. Hard to say. If I had to ship something, I think I want a family/happy ending for Arya and maybe Brianne. Only because it’s unexpected for their personalities and they ‘in heart of hearts’ need it.

  • No one seems to consider the possibility that Sansa and Tyrion might be the perfect couple for Westeros. The most intelligent man in the country and the head of one of the most important families. Sansa has done a lot of growing up since they were married and might be able to see all that Tyrion has to offer.

    • Yes! So glad someone said this. How can anyone think for even a moment that Sansa would get romantic with Jon Snow! The story has so much more impact if her love for him now is sisterly, because she was one of those who never really accepted him as a Stark family member.
      Meanwhile, it is also a nice idea that after all she has been through, she would now appreciate Tyrion. And it would be further vindication for Tyrion (who has already been vindicated as far as his political leadership worthiness goes by being named Dany’s Hand) to end up with a high-born wife who truly loves him — in your face Tywin!

  • What poll? I never see a poll.

    First, however, kudos to Ser Razor for giving the smile/laugh/joy of the day. You really Pounced on an unexplored opportunity and made a very Fancy Feast out of it.

    Sarah perfectly explained Arya + Gendry–a true marriage of equals, minds, and abilities. Plus neither of them would be interested in anyone else. In an interview, Maisie mentioned they shot several takes of the “I could be your family” scene. Being 13, she was surprised when finallyy told to say it as if she were saying, “But I love you”. That take was chosen, which in retrospect Maisie said was right. If D&D let A+G live, love and marry, they will also give each other the freedom only soulmates can. I think this also true of Brienne and Jaime, though sadly he is probably destined to die in the arms of the woman he loves. Their joining will be when their swords are re-forged (by Gendry) into Ice. I see Jon + Dany, though it would be almost too much of a happy ending if they lived and ruled jointly. Dany is foreshadowed to die. Sorry, Katie, but JonSa is a non-starter. Between the ick factor for audiences, their incompatible characters, and her keeping Littlefinger in her Winterfell life, it cannot work out. I don’t see chemistry anyway, but when she started their relationship with a hug and then two big lies, she doomed it. She’s probably destined for Robin and the Vale, a dynastic arrangement which would give her superiority and control over her husband, which would suit her ambition. Sam + Gilly are sweet but boring.

    • First, however, kudos to Ser Razor for giving the smile/laugh/joy of the day. You really Pounced on an unexplored opportunity and made a very Fancy Feast out of it.

      Ahhhhh, you clever wordsmith you! 🤓

  • There is only one real romance on GOT and that is Jamie and Brienne and in case you haven’t noticed it’s been a purely emotional relationship hence the reason it works. It’s a moral tale and he’s done a wonderful job with it. Martin doesn’t do ‘ happily ever after’ – that’s why some of us like him.

  • The love story between Greyworm and Missandei goes beyond the realm of the physical. Two lost souls have found eachother in a spot where they never thought they would be.
    My wish list for the future couple would be Jamie and Brienne. Again, two people who will go beyond the basic physical attraction to find the deeper connection. Looks can only go so far. Brienne brings out the best in Jamie.

    • Love Greyworm and Missandei, even though they are such a low key romance the fact that they once didn’t refer to themselves as individuals, that their free will was taken from them as children and yet are still able to find love in each other is so incredibly beautiful

  • Jon and Dany will happen and we will freak out- it will be steamy hot n heavy.

    I bet you guys that people like Tyrion and Davos will keep leaving those two alone and by midseason the sexual tension will be ridiculous.

    My personal theory is that Tyrion will get sick of it, ” mix up” their boat reservations lock them in the same cabin by accident and voila, North and South, Ice and Fire will be together again.

    Dany thought how if Rhaegar´s son had survived, she would have married him. Talk about foreshadowing…

    Daddy Ned and King Bob will have their wishes finally come true when a certain Gendry Baratheon kidnaps a certain Arya Stark and get her preggers.The two lovebirds will have a nice old fashioned shotgun marriage !

  • My apologies if this has already been talked to death, but I haven’t seen it mentioned in any article of this kind, so…

    Why not Sansa and Gendry? If it’s ultimately correct to assume that Gendry’s lineage will become a plot point, if he ends up legitimized somehow, then “his lady” would really be his *lady,* a role to which Sansa would be far better suited. And Arya, while we’d all agree she deserves some happiness after all she’s been through…I don’t know, I just have that tragic feel about her. I doubt she’s alive at The End.

    • Sansa has terrible taste in men, poor girl, she is even a bit attracted to LF for God´s sake! Sansa is the opposite of Cersei, simply because she is human, not a self hating woman who thinks she is a lioness. Because she is human, Sansa has to heal. If she survives season 7, she might consider love once again. Who knows, perhaps with Tyrion, her husband?

      If not Sansa has the makings of becoming Elizabeth, if Dany and Jon die but they leave Jonarys and Daenow behind she culd raise them and act as a Regent.

      • The fact that Sansa has had such terrible luck in love is one of the reasons I think/hope she and Gendry would be a great thing. He’s actually a *gentleman,* despite his low beginning. If it turns out that G ends up being legitimized, he’s as good a claimant to the throne as any…and Sansa would finally be queen, like she thought she would back in S1.

        A lot of ifs, I know. So excited…

  • Only Jon-Daenerys and Jaime-Brienne will happen. The poll results reflect this fact, anyway. It’s obvious that only those 2 couples are significant in the story and they are the endgame. There may be an open ending related to Arya-Gendry, and its position as the 3rd most popular couple reflects this as well. The rest are crack ships. Tormund-Brienne doesn’t even exist in the books and nothing can happen between them in the books, it’s just an internet hype among show-only fans, it will never be canon because Jaime-Brienne will be. There could be an open ending for Jon-Sansa or Jon-Arya, if Daenerys dies in the end, but it wouldn’t be canon.

    • Tormund-Brienne doesn’t exist in the books yet. They very well could happen in TWoW or ADoS. The last two books haven’t been completed yet. The show has moved beyond ADwD. D&D said that like 90% of S6 was TWoW material. GRRM has told them what happens. They know how the major story lines of the last two books are going to go. D&D have said that they’re obligated to do GRRM’s endings in the show. So yes, a lot of what happens to the top major characters (the Starks, the Lannisters, Dany) in the last two seasons of the show will be canon. It will be based on information that came from GRRM himself.

      Also, the results of fan polls on one website in no way reflect what GRRM planned for his story or how D&D are going to relay it on screen.

      • Tormund is a white haired grandpa in the books. Brienne is a teenager in the beginning of the story, around 20 in the last book. Based on book illustrations I guess Tormund is around 60. He can easily be her grandfather, that’s ridiculous, nothing can happen between them.

        And no, what you said is not relevant here because Tormund-Brienne plot didn’t reflect anything beyond the last book. Tormund was given the role of Hyle Hunt in the books. In the books there is a guy who hits on Brienne and wants to marry her, but Brienne rejects him (because she is in love with Jaime, that’s the whole point of introducing that secondary character who wants Brienne) just before the reunion of Jaime and Brienne in Riverrun. In season 6, Tormund hitting on Brienne thing happened just before JB’s Riverrun reunion as well. Those Tormund-Brienne scenes in season 6 don’t exist because it will happen in the last 2 books, it won’t. They existed because there was no Hyle Hunt in the show, and Tormund played that role in the show instead. The show does this all the time, it cuts a certain character and gives his or her role to an existing character because there are too many characters in the books.

        And finally, yes, the poll results here are in accordance with the story, because most fans anticipate what will happen in the story, and they support those characters. Jaime-Brienne and Jon-Daenerys will happen, this not even open to debate, it’s obvious that GRRM intended this. That’s why these couples are that popular, because most people can see that they will be canon, they react to the story in the way that GRRM intended.

        GRRM said that JB is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast tale, years ago. Hyle Hunt or Tormund is like Gaston in the movie adaptations of that tale, that secondary character who wants Beauty (as in Brienne the Beauty). Jaime is the beast/prince Adam. Cersei is the evil fairy who turned the prince into a beast. So tell me, do you honestly believe that Belle and Gaston are the endgame, not Beauty and the Beast? And do you honestly believe that a 20 year old virgin will end up with a grandpa?

  • Delores from Westworld and Dolorous Edd. One finally a free thinking being with a will of its own and the other a very realistic robot.

    • Delores from Westworld and Dolorous Edd. One finally a free thinking being with a will of its own and the other a very realistic robot.

      You, I like you.

      • Thanks! I’m watching Westworld again, but this time in order and all the way through. Taboo almost has me hooked as well, but nothing beats Game of Thrones!

  • Sansa and Littlefinger. Because she has agency and a role in this relationship. In all the other possible ones ( Sandor and Sansa ( not an option in this poll ), Jon and Sansa ) is mainly the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. I know most people don’t like it, but she has grown so much as a character ( both in books and show ) because of the influence of Littlefinger.

    • In the books, I totally see Sandor/Sansa happening. There might be “damsel in distress” undertones but I think the switch has been flipped. Sansa was the damsel in the beginning and Sandor came to her rescue, even when he didn’t have to. He wanted to. If GRRM finally brings the Gravedigger out of hiding (to fight for the Faith), I think he will end up the damsel and Sansa will have to save him. Maybe not physically but emotionally. Maybe not a typical romantic arc but I still see them together in some capacity at the end, if they make it there (and if GRRM makes it there).
      As for the show, eh, I kind of think Sansa will choose not to be wed/matched for any reason. Not even love. The fantasy is long dead.
      Gendry and Arya is a given for me on the show and in the books. A Stark and Baratheon is even more important and powerful, for me, than any Targ match-up.
      Jon and Dany are end game in both mediums, though I think one or both will not make it to the bitter end. I am not a fan of it, the whole Aunt/Nephew thing may be the Targ way but I have had my fill of incest. I definitely think the writers have been so eager to pull them together and these are two beautiful, so I won’t be mad to watch. :) Shallow girl here.

  • Gonna ramble here:

    Jaime and Brienne are my OTP. They are the ULTIMATE love story in GoT/ASoIaF. They have been slowburned for six seasons. I need my payoff after all that incest extension and Tormund-Brienne hype. (Though I do find Tormund’s crush on Brienne cute and Brienne deserves someone physically attracted to her at first sight but just NO). They are so far the only ship left that had a properly developed relationship. They know each other’s worst yet they still respect and support each other in every way. GRRM is a realistic writer and SOMEONE has to have some form of happiness by the end of this and I think it’s most likely (note: MOST LIKELY and NOT will be) them. If they were aiming for a friendship, perhaps they would never meet again or Brienne’s book journey wouldn’t be about her falling in love with Jaime in parallel to Jaime’s fall out of love for Cersei and his INNOCENT reply to the whore. IF they weren’t romantic, why would the show make Jaime look at Tarth with more love than he had ever looked at Cersei? Why would they go out of their way to make Jaime make flirty/longing faces at Brienne? No, it isn’t fan service (or else, SanSan would have been a thing in the show as well). It’s gonna happen. Westeros needs a healthy power couple to rule them. Jaime’s a pretty good lord- Tywin’s cunning but actually has a heart for the common good. Just sayin

    Árya and Gendry was my first love ship-wise. They are my top two now though on my fave couples. I think Gendry will be Arya’s ground while Arya will bring Gendry for weapon forging for the upcoming war. I still don’t think he’ll be legitimized because his story arc doesn’t read ruler to me. Gendry is a smith. I have hesitance on them ending up especially since I’m not sure if Arya’s Faceless Men skills have application in the war and she’s also messed up but it doesn’t stop me from hoping that they become lowborn together.. somewhere.

    The unpopular ship I’m rooting for a bit is Jonsa. Because Sansa is becoming a ruler and I think she will make it to the end to help rule the remains of Westeros. Dany cannot produce children (I think that just because she had a period, it won’t mean that she can still get pregnant. Might be a red herring) so Jon could be Dany’s Northern ties. Besides, Jon and Sansa aren’t that bad. Not saying they will fall in love but Sansa deserves to marry someone who is respectable at least and someone she could trust. But I honestly don’t see Jon surviving. But if he does, not sure if I see him ruling. He’s a good lad but he’s not good with the game of thrones.

    I like Bran/Meera as well but I see Bran being a full-time three-eyed raven so that ship is sunk to me.

    Gilly/Sam is adorable as well and I’m hoping they are that couple to show everyone that wildlings can coexist with Westerosi.

    For the dead ships, Jon/Ygritte was fun while it lasted. Ned/Cat was cute as well. Oberyn/Ellaria and Renly/Loras is hot. Dany/Drogo is forever in my heart (though I don’t mind Dany/Tyrion if Tyrion will ground Dany from going too far)

    This is Game of Thrones. Jon/Dany ruler Targs of the Iron Throne is too obvious (but not out of the picture. Just too obvious). I think we can be more creative than just that scenario. ;)

    P.S. Shipping GoT ships isn’t just about us shippers flailing at moments between two characters, but also the possible impact it has on the story and the future of Westeros. We just happen to like focusing on the ships and they make us happy.

    • “Brienne deserves someone physically attracted to her at first sight ”

      Jaime kinda was though. He was just in full on denial about it. But from the first Jaime was oddly fixated with her body. If you read the books the dude paid way too much attention to her thighs, arms, back, breasts, eyes, etc. And the moment he saw her lady garden his body was ready even if his mind was not.

    • Jaime-Brienne will happen 100%. I don’t even discuss this anymore, it’s so obvious. People who think that it’s not a romantic story are simply in denial for some reason, but they will see it soon that these two characters were written with that intention in the first place, there is a reason that it will evolve into a romance, it’s not something pointless.

      You are right that all romantic plots have a purpose in this story, Daenerys-Jon won’t be pointless either, it will also have a major impact on the endgame of the story and the future of Westeros.

    • I read the comments for ones like yours, Rose. I don’t agree 100%, but your points are very well reasoned and thought out. You could even persuade me on several points we don’t see the same!

    • I’m also rooting for Tyrion/Dany. He deserves someone who will love him back, at least for a little while. Someone he isn’t paying to sleep with him. And Tyrion is the kind of partner Dany needs. I think he’s starting to love her, and I can see her starting to grow very attached to him.

      • Tyrion/Dany was almost my pick but I went for Arya/Gendry in the end. I think they’re a lot more compatible than Dany and Jon who don’t seem to have anything to realistically tie them together aside from the fact that they’re both attractive.

    • Sansa and the Hound is Beauty and the Beast, GRRM gave the Hound the same lines as the Beast and wrote their big scene just like La Belle et la Bete for the show. He even requested calendar art for Sansa and Sandor just like the poster for the film. There are lots of beauty and the beast hints for SanSan in books and show.

  • Jaime and Brienne. Arya and Gendry. I would love to see these characters reunite and get together, as close friends and political allies if not romantically. Brienne does bring out the best in Jaime. I fear he will never leave Cersei, though. 😐

    Seriously though, cannot wait to see Jon and Dany onscreen together. ❤❤❤

  • Podrick Payne is related to the man who executed Ned, so any pairing him with the Stark girls could make for an awkward wedding reception. “Ilan, meet the Stark orphans you made”.

  • I’m actually all behind the Meera and Bran pairing. She’s the closest female in his life, good northern noble family and we only know that Bran can’t walk not that he’s….ya’know, all limp down there.

        • A favorite theory of mine is that a pregnant Ashara and Ned were secretly in love at the same time his brother was betrothed to Cat, and gave birth to baby Meera around the same time Ned was off looking for Lyanna. She committed treason when she told Ned where Lyanna was hiding. To make things worse, they killed her brother Arthur there.
          They agreed to return Dawn as an excuse for the rescue. Howland waited below in a rowboat with baby Meera, she jumped “to her death” where she was pulled from the water and taken back to Greywater Watch to raise Meera and later give birth to Jojen. Jon and Meera are the same age, and Howland was also infatuated with the exceptionally beautiful Ashara. Ned always took credit for killing Arthur, so Howland and Asharas marriage would be more harmonious, and she would no longer be interested in Ned.
          The honorable Ned was left with Jon and his wet nurse (we saw her at the tower of joy on the show), and when he was old enough to be without her, he was taken back to Winterfell.

          • It could be a good theory and I have read a bit about Howland and Ashara but why on earth would Ned take Jon to Winterfell and not his own daughter. Ashara had a stillborn daughter, likely Brandon’s daughter, not Ned’s but there is no way possible that Meera is Ned’s daughter. She could be Ashara’s with Howland, that I’ve heard, but not Ned’s

          • FAMILY makes way more sense! Ashara is the mother of Meera, not Jon. Ned loved his recently deceased sister, and would raise her son before he would make two unrelated people raise him. That sounds like the honorable Ned to me. The bastard story was risky, but he would want to be there to protect Jon from the Targaryan killing Robert! If Ashara raised both, she would have to sell them being Twins, and baby Jon, being male and not related to Howland, would eventually inherit Greywater Watch, not Jojen. “Promise me, Ned!”

          • Ned danced with Ashara at the tourney when his brother Brandon was the heir to Winterfell and needed a more strategic, politically strengthening marriage, like Cat. They told everyone Meera was stillborn to hide her with caregivers because the Daynes were currently in turmoil. Killing Ned’s daughter would be an eventual threat! A pregnancy lasts 9 months and during it all the wheels came off, and the Mad King needed taken care of.

          • What finally made me an advocate of the theory that Ned is Meera’s father is seeing Howland kill Arthur, and knowing Ned took credit for it. The common factor between the three men also happens to be Asharas brother. Why would Howland not tell anyone he killed the greatest fighter of his generation? Love.

    • Same here, that’s the story the author is writing, and the show has been hinting all along since the beginning… Sansa and the Hound.

  • Richard, Sarah, and Katie: I agree with you 100%.
    Corey: There is no way in hell Jon Snow settles down by himself to become some hermit fisherman or a farmer.
    Dan: I’m also rooting for Brienne and Jaime, but I just see tragedy in store for those two, which is why I think D&D wrote the Tormund angle into the show. Sadly, I don’t see how Brienne will find happiness with Jaime. I think he’s doomed. But if she’d just open herself to Tormund, he could be a good partner for her.
    Ani: Most everyone expects Jon Snow and Daenerys to team up, fall in love, and rule Westeros. It’s the classic boy hero gets the girl hero story, and many think that’s exactly what will happen. Unfortunately, GRRM has stated that he hates “the boy gets the girl stories.” Jon x Dany is SO obvious and expected, that I fully expect GRRM not to go that route. There might be hints of it. I fully see Tyrion being some kind of matchmaker/ambassador and trying to arrange a marriage alliance between House Targaryen and the North. Both Jon and Dany might even begrudgingly agree to it for the sake of the realm. Maybe some level of respect and admiration or friendship blossoms between them. But that’s until Dany finds out who Jon Snow truly is, the son of Rhaegar whose claim to the throne may be stronger than hers, a king to rule who the people will stand behind. She could very well end up viewing him as a threat. And Dany has never really wanted to be the wife of a ruler. SHE wants to do the ruling. GRRM has hinted that there could be another Dance of the Dragons. The Seven Kingdoms could take sides, Jon or Dany, as to whom is the rightful heir to the throne. I’d much rather see Jon and Dany turn into rivals. It would be much more interesting, and quite a dilemma for fans who are rooting for both of them. I can see GRRM doing this. He wants to break our hearts, after all. I also don’t see Dany surviving the Battle for the Dawn, per her visions in the House of the Undying. So if anything starts to develop between her and Jon, it won’t be lasting. And as for A Dream of Spring being some happy Targaryen ending with dragons and their dynasty reclaimed with Targ children, remember that the original title for the book was A Time for Wolves, but was changed when the title was deemed to give too much away.

  • Brienne and Jaime fans are obviously cheating, it’s kind of pathetic. Just so you know, Jon&Dany have more chance to happen than Brienne&Jaime. Deal with it.

    • Obviously cheating? Jaime and Brienne has been one of the most popular ships of the Game of Thrones fandom for years so it’s not surprising they’re winning. If an unpopular pairing like say Jaime and Cersei was winning then I would be suspicious of cheating Lol.

      Both Jon/Dany and Jaime/Brienne will become canon so you can deal with that.

      • Yes, Brienne/Jaime fans are cheating on this poll. How can they go from 400 votes to 700 votes in less than an hour. Please. They’re not THAT popular, compared to Jon and Daenerys who have a big fanbase. Even Entertainment Weekly mentionned Jon and Dany as the most popular “possible” pairing.
        I DO like Brienne and Jaime together. She is much better for him than Cersei is (and not just because Cersei is his twin). But I will never believe that Brienne/Jaime is more popular than Jon/Dany lol.

        • That happened because the link of this poll was shared on Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit by shippers. But Jon-Daenerys shippers shared or saw the link too, in case you didn’t notice, JD votes also increased that much in such a short time.

          That being said, I do think that JB is the most popular. Because JB relationship has been developed in several seasons and books, there are a lot of material about them both in the books and in the show. Jon and Daenerys haven’t even met yet, neither in the books nor in the show. It makes more sense to me that JB is more popular, although both will become canon.

        • I’ve seen Jaime/Brienne shippers promoting this poll everywhere from JaimeBrienne.com, twitter, tumblr, facebook, so it’s not that far fetched for them to get so many votes. I could also say Jon/Dany fans are cheating in the poll too because while Jon and Dany are very popular characters individually, as a ship not so much. Many people are still uncomfortable with the aunt/nephew incest. Maybe that will change after season 7 but currently the most popular ships that have had loyal fanbases for years are Jaime and Brienne, Arya and Gendry, and Sansa and Sandor (which oddly enough are not included in the poll)

  • Oh you silly fan girls who want jaime and Brienne to happen so bad. Either you haven’t read Jaimes povs or you lack comprehension skills. Jaime deeply admires Brienne but obviously has no attraction to her, he thinks multiple times how hideous she is. Hes madly in love with Cersei as messed up as it is. Also Jaime has been set up from the start to have a tragic ending. He will go down in flames with Cersei til the end. In all about some Tormund x Brienne . Make it happen GRRM.

    • Oh silly dudebro fanboy trying to lecture people but proving he knows nothing instead.

      Let’s see, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau already confirmed Jaime is in love with Brienne, GRRM already said he based Jaime and Brienne on Beauty and the Beast which is a love story in case you didn’t know and that their story is currently “evolving” in the books. Oh and there’s no valonqar in the show so maybe your poor man’s Romeo & Juliet ending won’t happen for the incest twins on the show?

      Please follow your own advice as it seems you desperately need to reread Jaime and Brienne’s chapters. by the way, GRRM won’t make Tormund and Brienne happen because that is a D&D invention, did you forget that? Looks like someone needs to reread the whole series.

      • How do you know Martin doesn’t have Tormund and Brienne planned and told D&D as much? I don’t know if it will happen or not but id like to see it. Jaime loves Cersei get over it, I don’t like it either but that’s the way it is .

      • King of ashes is a littlefinger reference made by Varys. You really don’t pay attention do you? And no I certainly am not a fan of the Jaime x Cersei pairing although I enjoy both characters separately. I would actually prefer Jaime with Brienne or anyone else for that matter.

        • And queen of ashes is a common reference to Cersei, used in Cersei fanfictions all the time. I don’t pay attention to LF, but I pay attention to Cersei stans. I know when I see one.

          • “He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes.” ~ Varys speaking about Littlefinger in S3E4 of Game of Thrones. It’s one of the most memorable quotes from the show. I would think this is way more recognizable than fanfiction stuff, which in general is only read by a small group within the fandom compared to the number of people who watch the show.

    • ” Jaime deeply admires Brienne but obviously has no attraction to her, he thinks multiple times how hideous she is.”

      Jaime Lannister literally gets an erection when he sees Brienne naked. He is attracted to her. He’s just in deep denial about it. And Jaime’s erection is not something that just happened randomly. It was included in the story with deliberate authorial intent.

      As for the show… https://vid.me/o4oY

  • He would see this country burn if it meant he would be king of ashes. You don’t pay attention to what LF does ? The guy who single handedly started the war of five kings and has been one of the major players of everything that’s happened since. Maybe you should pay more attention it’s a major plot in the story.

    • Thank you for the advice but I know what happens to him next season, that’s enough. And I also know what happens to Jaime and Cersei…and no, dear, it’s not what you suggested here.

  • The last poll only had 358 votes, so people must be way more interested in these characters love lives than spoilers! And a lot more comments from loyal WiC regulars!

    • Hey, Bandit. Where is the poll? I can’t find any poll on the site, so every time WIC announces ‘poll results’ it really bothers me because I post regularly but have never voted for anything. Is it on Facebook or Twitter or some place other than WIC? I have a Mac, but that shouldn’t make a difference.

      • I’m using an iPhone 7, operating on iOS 10. The polls show up but have glitches every now and then. Sometimes it doesn’t even layer on top of the main article, and is pushed off screen and to the side! Maybe updating the operating system will help, or changing security settings to not filter out certain content.

          • Note: if you aren’t seeing those annoying little ads at the bottom, maybe it’s treating polldaddy like one, too.

        • Thank you, my friend. I don’t see it…perhaps because of an ad blocker, cookie blocker or some such thing my SO suggested. I’ll try my iphone tomorrow. Though from what folks are saying on this thread, an honest poll of WIC users is being compromised by block voting by various outside fan groups. I suspect this has gone on before. There have been several times I’ve read poll results here that didn’t seem to reflect sentiments expressed on WIC. Such a thing would never happen in the real world ;-}

  • I think most likely couples to happen are Brienne and Jamie, Dany and Jon. I originally wasn’t too sure about Gendry and Arya but since the actor who plays Gendry has been filming S7 the possibility of them getting together has increased. Considering everything Bran and Meera have been through they are a strong possibility as well.

  • Dans top 12 couples:
    1. Ned / Catelyn
    2. Samwell / Gilly
    3. Daenerys / Drogo
    4. Jon / Ygritte
    5. Tyrion / Shae
    6. Greyworm / Missandei
    7. Renley / Loras
    8. Robb / Talisa
    9. Stannis / Salyse
    10. Jaimie / Cersei
    11. Littlefinger / Lysa
    12. Ramsey / Myranda
    Dan was pretty close, but never thought Daenerys and Drogo would be higher than Jon and Ygritte. Doesn’t look like Ned and Cat will reach #1, though. Sometimes even a democracy gets it wrong.

  • There are over 800 more votes on the second poll, so if anyone is multiple voting it’s looking suspiciously like it’s on that one.

    • Could be. But there’s also the fact that the couples in the second poll have massive fandoms and the couples in the first do not. Personally, I couldn’t have given less of a beep about the first poll.

      • I told you. Even if there was multiple voting, it’s both JD and JB fans. Try to be objective and fair. They both suddenly increased in a short time after their shippers were alerted that there was a poll. JD didn’t a have 30-something percentage of votes either before that (JD and JB have always been the first and the second since I saw the poll early yesterday, just their percentages were not this high, both fans started heavily voting when they saw the other increasing).

  • Jaime + Brienne is too heavily foreshadowed not to be a real thing, but it will not end well. He will die in her arms, probably after a long separation, like Gabriel at the end of Evangeline (except on a battlefield, not in a hospital).

    I hope that Jon + Dany, presuming it happens, is brief – partly because it seems too obvious, and partly because I just don’t care much for Dany as a character.

    Don’t count out Bran + Meera. Remember the scene of Jane Fonda and Jon Voight having sex in his wheelchair in Coming Home? Not all paraplegics are impotent; it depends on what vertebrae were shattered and what nerves severed. And maybe after the War for the Dawn is over, a full-time Three-Eyed Crow/Raven will no longer be necessary.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Arya + Gendry. It seems like they could work as a couple, whether living as commoners or highborn.

    As for Sansa – if she survives, I would like to see her reappraise Tyrion based on her experiences with far worse matches. In the books, I hold out hope that she might still end up at Highgarden with Willas Tyrell. He sounds like a sweet guy.

  • I am hopeful that Jaime will leave his abuser Cersei in the show like he does in the books.

    Great character moment for him.

  • Here’s a crazy thought, and bear with me here, but what about Sansa shipping with Tyrion???? Yeah baby! The two of them are still married, even if they didn’t consummate the marriage. Tyrion is obviously coming back to Westeros, and obviously meeting up with Jon Snow. Clearly he is going to cross paths with his estranged wife, and he might, just might, be the only one that can truly stand between her and Littlefinger’s nefarious clutches. The man deserves a happy ending, and Sansa, I think, has played the Game enough now to appreciate that Tyrion is one of its best players. Plus, she knows from the real killer’s mouth that Tyrion is not a kinslayer. The more this plays out in my head, the more I think I will be the one collecting Katie’s five bucks (if only because Sansa is the subject of her shipping too!).

    • Sansa and Tyrion are my pick too. I would hope that she’s evolved enough to realise that he is a good person and would treat her well and that she’s over being so shallow. I’m not too sure if he would recognize her as more than a child though. Although he is obviously sensible enough to.

      I really can’t decide if I like the idea of Jon and Dany as she has never been one of my faves and obviously Jon deserves the best! I believe the spoilers seem genuine, so I better get used to it! Who else would be an appropriate match for him anyway really? No no no to Sansa.

  • I really hope that Dany survives the Game of Thrones. THAT would be unexpected. Everyone expects her to die so I hope the contrary happens.

  • Nobody likes cersei.
    Jaime is on a redemption arc.
    Brienne in the books us hideous.
    Gwen Christie is a model IRL….
    So I’m conflicted.

  • JonSa FTW. If this does not happen in some way or is at least left open ended enough for fic writers to assume it will happen…i.e. Jon and Sansa left standing together after the last white walker is killed gazing out over the dawn… Then I will be seriously crushed! And D&D have some explaining to do in regards to Season 6 eps. 4-10. That being said, I think we are headed for a love triangle Sansa – Jon – Dany with a little Tyrion on the side.

    Speaking of Tyrion, I think Tyrion x Dany would actually be really good for each other. I’ve written about this other places but personality wise he’s totally her type. He’s a bit of a fuckboy with a heart of gold. She likes the dickish types. Oh and he was totally in love with her at the end of season 6.

    Also, Gendrya needs to happen.

    I love Jaime/Brienne but there is nothing but tragedy there. NOTHING! Brienne is going to be forced to try and kill Jaime. In the books, she’s already going down that path because of the lovely Lady Stoneheart. In the show, it will be something to do with Sansa or Arya. It’s going happen one way or another and it’s going to suck.

    • “I love Jaime/Brienne but there is nothing but tragedy there. NOTHING! Brienne is going to be forced to try and kill Jaime. In the books, she’s already going down that path because of the lovely Lady Stoneheart.”

      It’s actually foreshadowed that Brienne will end up protecting Jaime (see weirwood dream in ASOS). Besides, GRRM’s recent comments on J and B’s relationship strongly suggest they both survive the Stoneheart ordeal.

  • “… If this does not happen in some way or is at least left open ended enough for fic writers to assume it will happen…i.e. Jon and Sansa left standing together after the last white walker is killed gazing out over the dawn.”

    That just makes me wanna puke. All the world needs is more bad romance. Kid, you’ve been reading too many Harlequin romances. Jonsa shippers read everything into glances that the rest of us see as innocent, suspicious, surprised, brotherly, or non-existant. Gurm and David and Dan are not romance writers and theres no setup for this pairing in the books or the show, but both have tons and tons of setup for Jon and Dany. Besides, why the heck would Jon fall for someone who has always looked down on him and just went behind his back in a big and very public way? And we modern folks cant wrap our minds around a match between siblings even if after all thse years we learn theyre really cousins? Maybe cousins married in the middle ages but I dont know anyone whos married their cousin and bet you dont either. Thats the real reason Jonsa wont happen.

    Jaimie and Brienne are a sure thing. Sam and gilly too. Probably Arya and Gendry will happen cos its been setup. And wouldnt it be fun if Alyse Karstark turned out to be the show’s Val and Jon went for her? Shes a pretty redhead and not related.

  • I think the romance of the books is Sandor Clegane and Sansa Stark. She’s the one who thinks they kissed and is imagining it over and over. This is the straight telling of Beauty and the Beast, like Jaime and Brienne is the role-reversed one, as GRRM has said.

    He seems to be everything she ever TRULY wanted. She thinks of “how he kissed her” when asked about the marriage bed. That’s pretty telling to me. GRRM has said it was important; he spends quite a bit of time talking about Sandor and Sansa, and manages to bring it up in most of his interviews and panels.

    I think Sansa will end up saving the Hound. He also fits the “brave, gentle, and strong” description from the show and the books over and over in both mediums. It’s inevitable that they will meet again. The show has them part, just as the books. The way the show left them has “to be continued” all over it.

    • I feel this as well about Sansa and the Hound. I lost steam on this theory after Martin huffed at the idea of the Hound being a romantic character. I felt this was confusing because all he has written of the Hound feels sorta of “Phantom of the Opera”-ish.

  • I’m a traditionalist about love. In real life as well as fiction, I think the best couples are either clear soulmates or seem meant for each other. Ned and Cat, Jon and Ygritte, Sam and Gilly, Jaime and Brienne (despite Cersei), Arya and Gendry–it’s hard to imagine them really bonded with anyone else. The two previous posts reminded me of something–Sansa is shipped with lots of people: Jon, Sandor, Littlefinger, Robin, Tyrion, and (perversely) even Gendry. She had once shipped herself with Joffrey and Loras. Probably it’s because throughout the story, for her a marital union has always been a matter of somebody’s political power play. Katmai may be right about Sandor, but it seems to me that Sansa herself, for all her overt romanticism, has never really been in love. How ironic…and sad.

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