WiC Weekly: February 26-March 4

Welcome to the world in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s time for WiC Weekly.

First in the news, Game of Thrones alumni Neil Fingleton has died. He was 36.

For the first time in months, HBO has actually released new footage from Game of Thrones season 7. Well, sort of.

In was a big week for leaks. Some shots from behind the scenes of season 7 also surfaced.

George R.R. Martin gives fans a little update as to the shape of his Song of Ice and Fire series.

In filming news, there’s a new report on some season 7 shooting that happened recently in Canada. It may well have involved some of the show’s favorite furry friends.

Thinking of going to the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience? If you can, we think you should. Here’s why.

By this point in the life cycle of Game of Thrones, a lot of characters from A Song of Ice and Fire have been left on the cutting room floor. Who do fans miss the most?

As we wind down, let’s turn to some theories and speculation. Let’s start with the theories.

Now for the speculation. Warning: there are SPOILERS in this one.

Finally, here’s a funny way to predict the future of Game of Thrones: behold the automatic spoiler generator.


  • When or if Jorah finds a medical cure for greyscale could he go back to Valeria and recruit some stone men to fight for the living? I wonder what state they would be after the cure is administered.

  • A big mistake the Starks made before the Battle of the Bastards was not armoring Wun Wun and giving him an improvised effective weapon. It would have saved a lot of lives!

      • They already had shields that could be roped together to make armor, and posts that could have something metal attached to the end, it frustrates me enormously that nobody thought of this. One to three hours effort maximum!

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