What did the letter Arya find say?

Tonight, Littlefinger led Arya on a wild goose chase. Knowing she was spying on him, he made a show of procuring a letter from Maester Luwin’s archives, and then watched as she broke into his room to find it.

Find it she did, tucked discreetly away inside his bedding. But what did it say? Fans may recognize it.

It’s a letter written by Sansa, sent to Robb Stark at Winterfell way back in “The Pointy End,” the eighth episode of season 1. You may recall that, at the time, Cersei (working through Joffrey) had thrown Ned Stark in a cell. She then set about pacifying Ned Stark’s relations. Her plan: brow-beat Sansa, who was then a lot more naive and pliable than she is now, into writing a letter to her big brother Robb declaring their father a traitor and asking him to come to King’s Landing and bend the knee.

For what it’s worth, Luwin seemed to know immediately that Sansa was forced to write the letter. “It is your sister’s hand,” he assured Robb, “but the Queen’s words.” But will Arya be as prudent? There was some tension between the sisters in “Eastwatch,” and this may add more fuel to that fire.

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