Doctor Who News: What character could Sharon D Clarke be playing?

LONDON, ENGLAND: Sharon D Clarke who will be playing a role in Doctor Who  (Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images)

The eyes of most Whovians have been on the three companions actors, but there was another interesting reveal that most people have been missing for season eleven of Doctor Who.

In the Doctor Who press release, while there were many reveals, including the three companions, the set up for the season, as well as news of a longer season opener, there was one person that people haven’t been talking about. And maybe they should be.

According to the press release, Sharon D. Clarke, who is known for her theatre acting, is going to be in a “returning role”. The word “returning” is important here. The didn’t say reoccurring, as in, someone who will be a guest star — though I’m guessing we can expect that as well.

It’s also important to note that Sharon D. Clarke has never been on Doctor Who, so there’s not as though she’s playing a role that she could be coming back as. So it has to be the character that’s returning.

So, let’s just come out and say it.

Is Sharon D. Clarke playing the Master?

It makes sense that if Chibnall wants to do something big, he’d bring back the Master. But is it too soon to bring back the Master after we just had three seasons of her? Also, it’s definitely a risky thing to do, considering so many people aren’t over Michelle Gomez’s death at the end of The Doctor Falls.

But I can’t think of another character that would make sense for her to be “returning” as. Unless we’re in for a huge surprise like someone from Classic Who episodes has regenerated, I can’t think of what else it could be.

Finally, there is the chance that they misworded what they meant, and she’s going to be a reoccurring role. But for now, it’s interesting to look at the wording used. It’s also interesting they didn’t get her reaction to being in the series. Maybe her role is still in the works?

And just in case you don’t believe me, here’s the exact wording from the press release:

Also joining the series in a returning role is Sharon D Clarke.

Who do you think Sharon D Clarke is playing? Would you be happy with a Master return so soon?