Will episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 be supersized? Kit Harington and HBO weigh in.

We have a long time to wait between now and when Game of Thrones season 8 debuts in 2019. In search of a silver lining, some have speculated that the final episodes of the series may be super-sized, which could help make up for the fact that there are only six of them. Back at last year’s Con of Thrones, Game of Thrones sound designer Paula Fairfield added fuel to that fire. “The finale, I’ve heard, it will be six shows, but I’ve heard they’ll be feature-length,” she said. Yes please.

There’d be precedent. The final two episodes of season 7 — “Beyond the Wall” and “The Dragon and the Wolf” — clocked in at 70 and 80 minutes respectively. At the time each of them aired, they were the longest-running episodes of the show to date. Are we in for more of that in season 8?

Star Kit Harington (Jon Snow) weighed in while speaking with The Sun. “We know we have six episodes – we are not sure whether they will run for 70 minutes or even 90 minutes,” he said.

And we aren’t sure if that’s a confirmation or a denial. Harington went on: “There is so much work still to do. We haven’t put together a full episode yet as there is more filming. The length will be a network decision. But we are busy.”

That network, of course, is HBO. HBO programming president Casey Bloys chatted with The Hollywood Reporter and added his two cents.

It really will be dependent on when the showrunners get the cuts and what they’re happy with. Everything on Game of Thrones is driven by their desire to make the best show possible. When we’re going to air, how long the episodes are — we’re taking their lead on what they need.

We’re starting to feel like we’re getting the run around here. But with shooting lasting well into 2018, episode runtimes are hard to predict at this point. It’s probably safe to say that at least some of the remaining 6 episodes will be supersized, and even safer to say that one will be dedicated entirely to Tormund trying to win over Brienne. They need to keep their priorities straight.

Circling back to Harington, remember when he got blasted in a New York City bar and was asked to leave? Well, the proprietors of Barfly — that’s the bar where it happened — talked to Entertainment Tonight to set the record straight:

Kit Harington walked into Barfly Friday evening already intoxicated. He was over-served somewhere else, not at our establishment. He was at Barfly for maybe 30 minutes total. Harington bought one Jameson for himself, a drink for his friend and a round of drinks for all of the other customers at the bar. The disagreement seen on the video … was over a pool game that Harington interrupted. A customer was letting him take his shot for him but he didn’t understand the rules of the game. The game being played is called ‘Killer’ where each person takes one shot, but Harington tried to continue shooting. That was the extent of the disagreement. When our staff realized how intoxicated Harington was they politely asked him to leave and two of our staff members helped him out. He came back later that night to pay his check and left a one hundred percent tip — $70 on a $70 check! The bartenders that served him both said he was actually a very nice guy.

The owners, Aldo Parisi and Krystyn Shari, added that Harington was “welcome back anytime.”

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