Video: Lead cameraman takes us behind the scenes of Game of Thrones’ most iconic moments


Game of Thrones has hit a lot of high notes over its seven seasons. From actors to musicians to special effects artists, it’s always a team effort. In the latest of HBO’s mini-documentaries about the show, lead cameraman Sean Savage (cool name btw), takes us behind the scenes to show off his part in this bloody symphony:

Savage started working on the show way back in season 1, starting with shooting the Night’s Watch march north of the Wall from Castle Black. From that moment on, he’s been in the thick of it, doing his part to make everything from the Battle of the Blackwater to the Red Wedding to the Massacre at Hardhome to the Battle of the Bastards look as spectacular as they do.

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I love videos like these. It’s always fascinating to see how scenes looks before the finishing touches are added. Remember that bit during the Battle of the Bastards where Jon Snow is fighting a guy who suddenly gets plowed over by a horse? Well, it looked a lot different on set:

As for Savage’s favorite moment, the veteran camera operator named something not for the squeamish: the scene where Jon is nearly trampled to death by his own men during the Battle of the Bastards. According to Savage, that sequence was not in the script, but director Miguel Sapochnik came up with it during the shoot. Neat.

The full video contains plenty of other gems, and Savage sounded grateful just to be a part of the process. “I’ve loved it. I think it will be a legacy of mine, which I’ll carry forever.” We’re looking forward to more excellence in season 8!

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