Did [SPOILER] really just propose to [SPOILER] in “The Last of the Starks?”

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Game of Thrones Episode 804, “The Last of the Starks” had plenty to be sad about: Danerys and Sansa both had emotional goodbyes to their close friends Jorah Mormont for Dany and Theon Greyjoy for Sansa. It was a sad moment capped off with a phenomenal speech by Jon Snow, and then everyone retired to the Great Hall of Winterfell where they ate, drank and were generally merry.


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All except Arya Stark, of course, and Gendry, her new boy-toy was looking everywhere for her. When he stood to leave the room, Queen Daenerys called him out and made him legitimized him as Lord Gendry Baratheon of Storm’s End. It was a fantastic moment for the last remaining bastard of old King Robert…and really, now Gendry is the last scion of House Baratheon.

Also, in the bargain, Danearys got the loyalty of the Storm Lands in her bid to remove Cersei from power, which as we saw tonight, won’t be an easy task.

Anyway, as Gendry goes off to find Arya, he almost gets impaled by one of her arrows. He tells her he’s just bee made a Lord and none of it would mean anything without her by his side. “I love you,” he told her, and the two shared a passionate kiss as Gendry got one knee to ask her to marry him. However, that’s not the life Arya Stark ever saw for herself: she was never going to be the Lady of some great castle, no, she has always lived her life by her own set of rules, and that meant she had to reject Gendry’s proposal.

I have to say, my heart broke for Gendry the moment he realized Arya wouldn’t accept his proposal of marriage, but I think she has some unfinished business in King’s Landing with Cersei Lannister and marking the final name off her list. Who knows? Maybe she can find Gendry at Storm’s End after this is all said and done, and the two can live happily ever after! At least, that’s what I’m wishing and hoping and praying to all the old gods and the new will happen.

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