Video: An alternate ending to Game of Thrones, and other funnies


At the end of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen lays waste to King’s Landing and Bran Stark is made king. It’s an ending that’s stirred up a fair amount of controversy, with many fans wondering if it could have gone another way.

The internet, as always, provides. Twitter’s own Khaled Comics has stitched together a different, possibly even darker ending that gives a new perspective on Bran’s role in all of this:

Shock! Gasp! It was Bran all along!

The idea that Bran may have warged into Daenerys and snapped her into madness has been making the rounds for a while. It’s not the ending we got, but it makes you think twice about where Bran was going when he warged, doesn’t it?


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In other funny things, Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) gives us her best Jon Snow impression:

“I’ll just pop in to shops up north. Don’t come looking for me.” Accurate. Hopefully Jon’s time north of the Wall with Tormund will be as relaxing as she makes it sound.

Finally, this Game of Thrones redux of Ice Ice Baby will fill your heart with song:

Okay, one more thing. This is Bran and Brienne’s life from now on:

We hope you’ve enjoyed the laughter this Friday. Carry it into the weekend with you!

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