Is a fourth season of Twin Peaks coming?

Twin Peaks, the David Lynch’s north Pacific acid trip about a murdered small town girl and demented psychic web where her soul was caught, aired for two bemused seasons in the early 1990s. Then there was a baffling movie in 1992, and truly mind-boggling third season on Showtime in 2017, which gave us classic bangers like “This is the water and this is the well,” droned over and over into an old time radio microphone:

Good stuff?

Anyway, the third season was…interesting, and I’d at least be willing to take a look at a fourth. Sure, season 3 was too long and I didn’t understand a bunch of it, but Lynch is rarely boring. And there are hints lately that Lynch and company may be up to something, as helpfully compiled by Britt Hayes at The A.V. Club. Let’s walk through them and see how convincing they are.

First, the Hollywood Horror Museum — where Lynch’s daughter Jennifer is a board member — tweeted this:

So Jennifer Lynch gave them a hint of some exciting Twin Peaks-related news coming in 2020. The announcement of a fourth season? The premiere of a fourth season?

A couple days after that, on October 1, Kyle MacLachlan — who plays Dale Cooper — and Michael Horse — who plays Deputy Hawk — both posted photos featuring their Twin Peaks connections:

The picture of Andy shushing Hawk — who’s Instagram is otherwise full of cat pictures and stuff about his family — seems especially important. Why does one shush? One shushes for secrets.

Then there’s Lynch’s cinematographer Peter Deming posting a video of Snoqualmie Falls, where the show is filmed…

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#snoqualmie #snoqualmiefalls

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…and Lynch himself — who believe it or not is a pretty irregular social media person — tweeting thanks to the people of King County, Washington, another shooting location:

Lynch sent out his tweet on September 18. On that same day, the Salish Lodge & Spa — which is, yes another Peaks filming location — shared on Facebook that the dining hall would be closed for two days. And THEN, on the second day, they posted this:

Okay, so now we’ve connected all the thumb tacks on the bulletin board with differently colored pieces of string and strung photos of the various players about the room. What does that leave us with?

It seems like Lynch did something Peaks-ian in September. Maybe it’s the start of another season for Showtime. Maybe he’s filming another Twin Peaks movie, which would take significantly less time. Maybe he’s shooting something for the forthcoming Twin Peaks boxset, which includes all three seasons and Fire Walk With Me and bonus features.

Or maybe this is all just happenstance and we’re seeing patterns when there are none. The tweets are not what they seem…

But nah, they are. Keep your eye on the woods.

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