Is a huge twist from The Walking Dead comics coming in the next episode?

The next episode of The Walking Dead season 10, “Walk With Us,” airs this Sunday on AMC. In the preview, we get a glimpse of a scene that’s reminded a lot of fans of a huge plot twist from the comics. It’s a scene that we’ve been waiting for since the Whisperers were first introduced.

If you read on from here, be prepared for some SPOILERS from the latest episode of the show, and from the comic book.

Anyway, the scene in question from the comics is the one where Negan kills Alpha using a knife. And the preview for “Walk With Us” teases an intimate scene between the two, and Negan is holding — you guessed it — a knife!

There’s some ominous-sounding dialogue between Negan and Alpha. “The thing that you’ve been looking for? I’ve found it,” Negan says. We see the two, alone, walking towards an empty shack.

At this point, I think it’s most definitely a case of when, not if this will happen. After this plot twist occurs in Robert Kirkman’s comic book, Negan returns to Alexandria hoping the leaders there will trust him thanks to the “service” he has done them in killing their enemy.

Even in the last episode, we saw a slight disagreement between the two. When the Whisperers attack the Hilltop, Negan asked Alpha to spare the community. “We can get them to join us,” he said, but Alpha declined, hinting that they will join her anyway as a part of her horde of Walkers.

Fans who know the endgame for these two villains have taken to Twitter to talk about it:

The Walking Dead seems to have gotten back to being its best recently, following a couple of so-so seasons. Many say the big turning point was when Angela Kang took over from Scott Gimple as showrunner in season 9. Nonetheless, I’m sure fans would unanimously agree that the show is a lot better now than it has been in a while.

However, according to a report by Forbes, the AMC drama has seen ratings fall under 3 million for the first time in its run. The most recent episode, “Morning Star,” roped in only 2.93 million viewers, despite featuring a Game of Thrones-style action-packed battle and some fantastic character development.

For context, the show’s peak viewership was 17.29 million for the season 5 premiere, and even season 10 premiered with 4 million viewers. For it to now draw less than 3 million, it makes you wonder how long AMC think they can keep the drama running for.

But AMC is confident in The Walking Dead, and the constant run of content doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. April will see the release of World Beyond, the second spinoff in the franchise. And don’t forget that there is a planned trilogy of movies to come, too, where Andrew Lincoln will be reprising his iconic role as Rick Grimes. In fact, this year we’ll see more hours of the Walking Dead universe than ever before!

You can catch The Walking Dead season 10 Sundays on AMC.

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