WiC Weekly: March 22-28

Welcome to another thrilling and informative WiC Weekly, the weekly Game of Thrones-adjacent news roundup. We also include some of the hottest topics from the larger entertainment world Beyond the Wall, so if you weren’t quarantined inside your homes, you could impress your co-workers with your knowledge of the all the happenings this side of Westeros and more. Let’s dive right in.

Some of these masterpieces are gripping and intense, and some are lighthearted enough to serve as a good distraction. Let the binge begin!

Plenty of graphic novels are getting adapted for TV nowadays, but not nearly as many as deserve it. Let’s see which comics need that treatment.

The final round of our Fandom Madness tournament is here, with Han Solo taking on Moiraine Damodred from The Wheel of Time. Vote vote vote!

For a while now, we’ve about the true identity of Beta on The Walking Dead. The clues we need have been there the whole time.

Westworld featured a little Game of Thrones crossover moment this past Sunday. If George R.R. Martin had his way, it would have gone much farther!

They were going to cut up Drogon, though!

Game of Thrones showrunners turned up on Westworld with Drogon the dragon. The references run really deep. Let’s get into it!

Also, Russian authorities impound a homemade Batmobile. The internet is full to bursting with news about fictional vehicles made flesh.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we learned that Rey was “no one.” Then, in The Rise of Skywalker, we learned she was someone very important. Why the change?

George R.R. Martin gives us a look at the cover for the upcoming illustrated edition of A Storm of Swords, plus some of the gorgeous artwork!

Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and other Game of Thrones vets have a strong message for people who’re treating the coronavirus crisis like it’s no big deal.

That’s it for this week, folks!

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