Fandom Madness has come to an end—Behold your champion!

(Art by Tia Masic)

Our Fandom Madness tournament spanned six rounds and included 64 beloved characters from the realms of sci-fi and fantasy. After weeks of voting by you the fans, we have arrived at the big moment. Despite entering as just a 15 seed, The Wheel of Time’s Moiraine Damodred eliminated all challengers en route to the championship. Moraine becomes our first ever Fandom Madness champion, and will no doubt enter next year’s tournament as a much higher seed!

On her march to the championship, Moiraine faced some tough competition, including Gandalf from The Lord of the Ring, a character who may have inspired Robert Jordan to create her. Moraine’s other victories included Eleven from Stranger Things, both Wonder Woman and Superman, and Han Solo from Star Wars in the championship round.

But it was Moraine’s Final Four matchup against Lucifer — from Lucifer — that proved the most competitive. These two fandoms went at it with a passion that was awe-inspiring to see, with showrunners and actors getting involved along the way. Ultimately, Moraine would secure the win in the last few minutes of voting, only emerging victorious by the slimmest of margins. It was an epic battle, commemorated by heroic genius Androl Genhald in ballad form:

“I’ll give a bow to the devil, even though he got beat by Moiraine, and now we can go and beat Han Solo, you know, so let’s join in a refrain.” This is now my favorite thing.

We hope everyone enjoyed the tournament as much as we did. Based on Lucifer’s performance, I know I’ll be checking out the show. and hopefully I’m not alone. Watching everyone compete was great fun, and we look forward to next year’s Fandom Madness!

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