Is Doctor Who finally going to reveal the truth about the Face of Boe?

Doctor Who fans have come together in these strange times, enjoying rewatches, new stories from the cast and crew, and generally finding comfort in like-minded people as we all quaratnine together. Well, the rewatch parties are almost at an end, but there is still one more surprise to look forward to.

Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies, is giving Whovians a new story that will follow up on the season 2 premiere, “New Earth,” and season 3’s “Gridlock”. In case you don’t recall, the two episodes are set in the very distant future and involve The Face of Boe, an enormous face in a jar with a mysterious past. Doctor Who fans have long theorized that the Face of Boe might actually be a future version of the immortal Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), who grows into something very different over the course of countless millennia, but we never found out for sure.

I mean, if that’s not a big honking hint, I don’t know what is.

Apparently, this new sequel story has a “secret that must be told,” so we can’t help but wonder: will we finally get the confirmation we’ve been asking for all these years? Let’s hope so!

The penultimate watch party will take place on Saturday, May 30. Fans will watch both “New Earth” and “Gridlock” back-to-back. After that, Davies will release his sequel story. I’ve missed some of these watch parties along the way, but this is one I will definitely be tuning in for.

While we’re on the topic of John Barrowman, I’d be remiss not to share his hilarious impression of Daleks he gave while appearing on the QI series 18 premiere. Host Sandi Toksvig asked Barrowman and his fellow panelists if they knew the record for catching shuttlecocks with chopsticks, among other things. Eventually, they get around to picking up Jelly Babies with chopsticks, and Barrowman realizes that the shuttlecocks upside-down resemble Daleks.  “EXTERMINATE THE JELLY BABIES!” he yells. Perfect!

Oh, how we miss you on Doctor Who, John Barrowman.

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h/t Digital Spy