Doctor Who news: Classic era Tardis teams and Davros at Wizard World!

On Oct 25 and Nov 1, many Doctors, companions, and even villains will be joining Wizard World for a unique Doctor Who convention experience – with a free Q&A session included!

Beginning this coming weekend, Wizard World will be welcoming an embarrassment of Whovian riches to their “From the Cast of …” virtual series. Wizard World, one of the larger national ‘comic’ conventions, has like so many others migrated their offerings this year to the cybersphere. They’ve been no strangers to Whovian events before, but certainly never to this magnitude and scope.

To wit, on Sunday, Oct 25, Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor) Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor), and Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor) will be joined by Katy Manning (Jo Grant, companion to the Third Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown, companion to the Fifth and Sixth Doctors), Sophie Aldred (Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor), Daphne Ashbrook (Dr. Grace Holloway, companion to the Eighth Doctor), and Terry Molloy (Davros) for an unprecedented live Q&A panel.

This interactive, streaming panel is free and open to the general public, and will be available via the Wizard World Virtual Twitch channel, the Wizard World YouTube channel, and Facebook Live at 10am Pacific Time / 1pm Eastern Time.

Doctor Who

Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook) will participate in both personal fan experiences and the public Q&A panel. Image Courtesy Aaron Rappaport/BBC

The best is still to come…

But of course, that’s only skimming the surface, because all of those Whovian heroes are returning the subsequent Sunday, Nov 1 for a plethora of personal fan experiences: once in a lifetime opportunities for one-on-one chats, personal video messages, and signed autographs are already available for purchase.

So whether you’re an old hat at conventions like me, or even if you’ve never before attended, this event has something to offer.

Seize this occasion to meet giants of the Classic era! Ask them about your favorite stories. Ask them about their work on Big Finish. And don’t let a chance to convey how much they’ve meant to you pass! I certainly won’t.

2020 is ever creeping closer to its end, and the winter holiday season will soon be upon us. What better gift to offer your significant other who already has everything, but the singular experience of passing time with members and witnesses to Whovian history. Prefer to surprise them? What could be more lovely than a recorded video message, or a personalized autograph?

Tickets for this Wizard World event are limited, so be sure to register for yours today.

Are you planning to attend this Wizard World event? What other virtual conventions and fan experiences have you enjoyed this year? Comment below!