WiC Weekly: June 5-11

HBO: History/Vikings
HBO: History/Vikings /

This week, we got first looks at Vikings: Valhalla (and a lot of other Netflix shows), plus Lucifer theories, Game of Thrones prequel news, and more.

It’s time for WiC Weekly, where we go over all the biggest and best things to happen round here over the past seven days. Shall we begin?

Vikings is over, but Netflix won’t let fans go without another hit for long:

Lucifer was originally going to end with season 5, but it’s getting one last lap, which means one more opportunities for fans to theorize:

There’s another Game of Thrones spin-off in development: 10,000 Ships. What can we expect?

We take a trip into the past to look at the Star TrekDoctor Who crossovers that almost was:

Look, I know this isn’t about a Sansa Stark miniseries, but I can’t help where my imagination goes:

House of the Dragon is HBO’s first big Game of Thrones spin-off. Although a lot creatives who worked on the original show are involved, the guys at the top are not:

It was a really big week for trailers, teasers and what have you, including on Apple TV+:

Will we ever see Emilia Clarke’s Star Wars character Qi’ra on the screen again? That’s up in the air, but she is back on the page:

Netflix can be hard to read sometimes. But with the right data, much and more becomes possible:

Finally, we take a close look at one of the showrunners at House of the Dragon, who established himself as indispensable on Game of Thrones:

Until next week!

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