Is The Witcher scary?

It’s October, which means everyone is searching for spooky stories to chill their bones. Will The Witcher on Netflix keep you up at night? After all, it’s about a professional monster hunter (Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill) who travels a medieval world facing down all manner of otherworldly beasties. Surely that’s good for a few shivers, right?

Well, it depends what episode you’re watching. The Witcher has an elastic tone — some episodes focus on the romance between Geralt and his on-again, off-again lover Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), some focus on the epic story involving Princess Cirilla (Freya Allen) fleeing from her home as its sacked, and some are monster-of-the-week stories.

It’s in those that you’ll get the biggest frights. The scariest episode of The Witcher is probably the third, “Betrayer Moon,” where Geralt faces down a striga, a terrifying monster who used to be a young girl but has been rendered savage by a curse. The striga haunts a creepy abandoned castle and kills all foolish enough to venture near. Geralt and the striga have a tense encounter, with Geralt barely making it out alive.

Also, the details of the curse are suitably grim and nasty, but I’ll save those for you to discover on some windblown October’s eve.

The Witcher season 2 could be scarier than season 1

So is The Witcher scary? Honestly, not really, at least not compared to actual horror films or TV shows. But if traditional horror isn’t to your liking but you still want a bit of a scare packaged in something you find more familiar, The Witcher could be a good option.

Plus, there’s a second season of The Witcher, on the way, and it’s possible the producers may double down on what they thought worked the first time. So if the first season doesn’t get you, perhaps the second will when it drops on Netflix on December 17.

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