Is The Sandman coming to Netflix in 2022?

Netflix is no stranger to comic book adaptations, as the streamer already has The Umbrella AcademyLocke & Key and the Marvel TV shows under its belt. One of their more popular shows, Lucifer, which ended after six seasons this year, is even based on the Neil Gaiman comics character from The Sandman, though you might not realize it.

While the character Lucifer is based on the version from The Sandman, the story in the Tom Ellis-led series is different enough that Netflix is also going to adapt the real thing. The first teaser trailer for Netflix’s live-action adaptation dropped this September, giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come. Unfortunately, we did not get a release date, with the clip only teasing that The Sandman is “coming soon.”

An adaptation of Gaiman’s popular series has been in the works for a while now with different names attached. The Netflix version began filming in 2020. So should we expect the series to debut in 2021? With the year quickly coming to a close, fans are getting impatient.

When is The Sandman coming to Netflix?

We initially hoped The Sandman would be released sometime in 2021; after all, Gaiman confirmed the series will take place in 2021, so we assumed we could expect the debut in the same year. However, it’s almost December and we still haven’t gotten a date. That certainly isn’t good news.

On November 23, Netflix shared their list of December releases, and though exciting titles like Don’t Look Up and The Witcher season 2 are included, The Sandman is not. This is confirmation that the new series is not coming in 2021.

Because filming for The Sandman is completed, we should expect it in 2022. At this point, we’re hoping for an early 2022 release date, but until Netflix confirms it, we won’t know for sure.

In The SandmanGame of Thrones alum Gwendoline Christie plays Lucifer, with Tom Sturridge as Dream, Mason Alexander Park as Desire and Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death. Harry Potter‘s David Thewlis is also part of the cast, as is Games of Thrones actor Charles Dance. The cast is pretty exciting.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated once we hear more about The Sandman and its release date.

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