WiC Weekly: April 23-29

House of the Dragon gets a bunch of new cast members, a new Last Airbender movie gets closer, we interview crew members from The Last Kingdom, and more.

Welcome to news. Welcome to sci-fi, fantasy, movies and TV. Welcome to the last seven days. Welcome to WiC Weekly!

Let’s start this week’s roundup with some news about the upcoming second season of House of the Dragon:

While we’re talking about those casting announcements, one of them has us strapping on our tinfoil hats:

Warner Bros. Discovery is coming hard with its next DC movie, The Flash:

New episodes of Doctor Who are coming! And they’re going to put the characters through it:

The Last Kingdom movie Seven Kings Must Die is out, and we’re talking to the cast and crew all about it:

All franchises eventually end with an epic team-up. So it will be with the new Star Wars movie:

Both Netflix and Paramount are making new Avatar: The Last Airbender things. Who will get their stuff out first?

Lena Headey thinks back on the heyday of Game of Thrones, and how very odd it all was:

And now for the most important of questions: what if Game of Thrones had a different ending and what if that ending involved space aliens? Modern AI can make it happen:

We wrap up with a loving tribute to Alan Moore, the most lovable grumps in comics (and maybe ever):

What stories will we be recapping this time next week? Stick around to see them as they happen!

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