Video: Criston Cole rallies the troops on the set of House of the Dragon season 2

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For a while now, we’ve been following the cast and crew of House of the Dragon as they film a huge battle sequence for season 2. In summary, the Battle of Rook’s Rest — which will likely take place in Episode 4 — involves Criston Cole leading an army of green soldiers to the castle of Rook’s Rest, which is ruled by Lord Staunton, who is loyal to Rhaenyra Targaryen and her black faction. There, the greens and the blacks will fight, both on the ground and in the air; dragons are coming.

We’re getting lots of terrific video from Bourne Woods, where the show is filming this scene. Check out armies clashing below:

It seems like there’s a lot more soldiers on one side than the other. Mostly likely the greens outnumber the blacks. That’s why Lord Staunton pleads with Rhaenyra for aid, which she sends in the form of a dragonrider. And that’s when things really get heated, but I’ll try to avoid too many spoilers in this post.

For now, we’ll focus mainly on the combat on the ground. Below, you can see soldiers representing Houses Targaryen, Hightower, Darklyn and Rosby. The Targaryen soldiers are wearing green armor, indicating that they’re fighting for King Aegon I Targaryen, Rhaenyra’s half-brother whom she is battling for control of the Iron Throne.

So in these pictures, the Targaryens and the Hightowers are on King Aegon’s side. In George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, Houses Darklyn, Rosby and Stokeworth all fight for Rhaenyra.

Ser Criston Cole gives his St. Crispin’s Day speech

There are several important characters involved in the Battle of Rook’s Rest, but the one we’ve seen the most of on set is Criston Cole, played by Fabien Frankel. He’s the Lord Commander of King Aegon’s kingsguard, and in the book, attacking Rook’s Rest is his plan.

New video shows Criston giving a rousing speech to his soldiers. Take a look (and have a listen):

His speech is hard to hear, but Redanian Intelligence has transcribed it:

"Men-at-arms, your king has joined you! Hold to your courage, hold to your wits, for the Seven have blessed and shielded this host with divine purpose! For the one true king, Aegon! Advance!"

Not bad, so far as rousing war speeches go. Also note that Criston says that “your king has joined you.” In the book, King Aegon does indeed ride into battle on his dragon Sunfyre. Remember, Rhaenyra sends a dragonrider as well, which could explain why the greens need a pep talk even though they outnumber the opposing forces on the ground. Even one dragon on the battlefield has a way of evening the odds and then some. But if King Aegon is also here riding a dragon? Get your asses into gear, soldiers! Chaaaarge!

That said, it looks like the battle takes its toll on Criston. War is hard:

Thanks to everyone snapping pictures and taking video from the filming site. House of the Dragon season 2 is set to premiere on HBO and Max sometime in 2024.

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