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And the Best Actor from Game of Thrones Season 6 is…

Alfie Allen

…Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy.

To be honest, Allen winning the top spot over Kit Harington (Jon Snow) comes as a bit of a shock. After all, Harington had more screen time, and even earned an Emmy nomination for his physically exhaustive performance in “Battle of the Bastards.” This isn’t a knock against Allen—he killed every one of his scenes this year. (Last year, too.) On a show full of great performances, he sometimes seems in danger of getting overlooked. But not among you good people. Commenter Wyllis, for example, was all aboard from the start.

[M]y vote went to alfie allen, who i agree is underrated. [J]onathan pryce is obviously amazing.

Jessica put it more simply.



Theon Greyjoy

DarkStark had some great insight into why Allen’s work was so powerful during Season 6, and had a game plan for how to judge performers in such a rich, crowded field.

On this show, how much the performer is given to do and the episodic nature of the show becomes the determinant with most people. Personally, I judge the result against the material. Harington had his best season IMO and gave his best performance yet. Iwan was fantastic. And Liam’s scene where he threatens Melisandre had me in awe. But it was Alfie Allen, an actor I usually turn from in a role who nailed every one of the few scenes he was in. His acting is physical, facial, psychologically transparent. From voice to body language, he brings total clarity to Theon. I can’t stand muddy, wishy washy acting where the audience feels shut out of a character’s mind. We understood every thought, every fear, every shame Theon felt. IMO Alfie’s work this year was his masterpiece.

But not everyone was all kittens and rainbows over Theon in Season 6. While JMP* is a huge fan of Allen’s acting, they thought something was off this year.

In the past, I have repeatedly called for recognition to Alfie’s portrayal of Theon in S3 & S4 especially; he easily should have, at a minimum, been nominated for an Emmy. His acting was superb for all the reasons everyone has mentioned. However, this season the writing failed him imo, so I couldn’t vote for Alfie. There’s not one bit of me that entertained for a millisecond … that after getting a pep talk from his sister and the subsequent chugging of a cup of mead, all remnants of Reek seemed to leave his body and he was back to the old Theon, capable of fighting, captaining a ship, etc… etc… etc…

Interesting take. What do you all make of this argument?

Theon and Yara

LFC2005 was also high on Allen, but thought another actor deserved the win more:

Alfie Allen was fantastic as usual and as much as I love Jon, Kit was not the best actor this year. Good yes, but someone like Iwan Rheon deserves ‘best actor’

It’s hard to argue with Rheon’s charisma this year, particularly during “Battle of the Bastards”—that episode seemed to bring out the best in everyone. Bandit, meanwhile, was on Liam Cunningham’s train:

Liam Cunningham as Davos elevates the other actors he is with when he is on screen. His confrontation with Melisandre over Shireen, demand for mutton, and his conversation with Lyanna are truly memorable scenes this season.

And of course, Kit Harington had his boosters, like Monz:

Kit’s portrayal of Jon Snow is IMO on point and therefore my vote’s with him. The shear physicality involved in BOtB and the psychological toll involved in filming that episode in particular is something never to be forgotten and to absolutely be commended and rewarded.

Ramsay Bolton and army official

In Season 6, Alfie Allen turned in a performance that was at times heartbreaking. But by the end, there was also a sense of elation as he stood on the deck of his ship and looked up at the Greyjoy banner as it caught a full head of wind and unfurled, before he sailed with Daenerys’ fleet across the Narrow Sea toward Westeros, and home.

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  • I love Alfie and he should’ve had much more recognition during these years, but I agree with JMP that this season the script failed him, there was just not enough of Reek to win the cake.
    The question about how he could not at least win an Emmy last year remains open, but this year Kit had so many important moments in the season that, having nailed them all, he had to win.

  • Give this incredible actor an emmy already? Throughout the show so far fans went from.. “he’s kinda an alright guy”. To.. “I loath him! How can he betray the starks he should die!” Next… “God just put him out of his misery already, does he have to suffer more?” Finally… ” Cmon on Theon.. Yesss!! Theon is back!”

  • Yeah, poor Alfie’s been overlooked season after season. This may not have been his biggest season, but he’s consistently brilliant.

  • Completely agree with Theon Greyjoy.

    As a young actor, he is absolutely phenomenal in his role, and it’s a difficult one without a doubt. The fact that he nails it so accurately is really astonishing. He hasn’t been in any A-list movies yet that I know of, unless you consider John Wick to be A-list. But he’s definitely an A-list actor.

    In fact, whoever said that, the writing of this season didn’t do him justice? I agree. It did not do him justice. However, even with that in consideration, some of my favorite scenes of the entire season were that of Theon’s. I find myself absorbed in that character, itching to see his development. The way he portrays his emotions is unbelievably good.

    Kit Harrington is a great actor, there’s no doubt about that. However, he is still growing. I’d say Kit’s strong suit right now is his devotion to the role. You can see his devotion in his character. He makes a very good Jon Snow. With that said, I believe the man still has a lot of work to do in terms of acting itself. While I’m not saying that he’s a bad actor, I don’t believe he’s quite A-list material just yet, but he without a doubt, gets better with each and every episode.

    Definitely deserving of the second place role.

    Btw, just as a side note I’m a little disappointed to not see the actor who plays Edmure Tully on this list. I understand, as his role was a minor one, but I was incredibly impressed with his acting this season. The entire cast & crew of GoT are doing great jobs, and I’ll forever be impressed with this series, even when it’s concluded. Even if D&D aren’t necessarily my favorite writers, and I’m a little disappointed with their lack of capability to give this show the full run that it deserved. WITHOUT cutting huge corners & leaving major plots off the table, because they don’t have Martin’s writing on paper, to reference.

  • i guess that would make Theon a dickless-wonder.

    it is edgy, but we now have an 8th wonder of the world.

    dare i say, he had some stiff competition too!

    i would agree, season 6 was not his most dynamic performance. but he is deserving of an award for this series somewhere, so what the hell.

  • Definitely agree with Monz. Theon should have gotten awards for S3 & S4, Kit for this past season. The simple fact that he doesn’t use a stunt double should have won him every award for Best Supporting Actor or hell, even Best Actor. Oh well

    • Thanks! Was it ten hours spent just punching Iwan? And the weeks upon weeks filming the battle. Glorious in so many ways!

  • Disagree. It’s just a gratitude for past seasons. But he wasn’t the best actor. I’d choose Harington.

  • I absolutely LOVE Alfie as Theon – it’s amazing what he can do with non-verbals…those aren’t as easy for actors to effectively execute as people might think. You can actually see pain in his eyes, which is pure talent. He’s a character that I actually feel for…his dramatic changes throughout the past six seasons have been incredible. Butttt….as far as season 6 is concerned, my vote has to go to Kit. How he handled his resurrection, executing the perpetrators of his murder (including young Olly) and his amazing work in the Battle of the Bastards makes my decision an easy one. BotB was such a massive achievement in Thrones’ entire run so far, and Kit’s performance had a lot to do with that. In my humble opinion, Kit deserved to win based on that singular performance alone. Bravo to Alfie/Theon, though!

  • I love Kit, and this was his best season. He had a lot of screen time and great, big (some of the biggest) moments on the show this season. For me, though, Allen’s transformation from feeble Reek to a broken down Theon, or is it still Reek with the mask of Theon? Changed it for me. JMP said it best. Kit was still the hero, and the ‘darker’ side that the writers and actors implied Jon Snow inhabited I think didn’t translate well, and maybe they slipped up on a spoiler because of that and ultimately that is what he will become in season 7.

  • Kit has grown a lot as an actor, but he is definitely nowhere near Alfie Allen’s level yet, who has been consistently the show’s resident acting genius. Alfie’s colleagues know that (just listen to the unaninous praises his director, producers, and fellow actors give him every year in episode commentaries), and I am glad this site’s readers agreed. His work in season six was brilliant as always (as many had pointed outbefore me), and I cannot wait to see what he is up to in the upcoming season.

  • I wanted to add about kit about a part of a scene I don’t hear people talk about often. This goes for Iwan to as these two actors shared this moment.

    After Rickon is shot through an arrow by Ramsey. When Jon and Ramsey are staring at each other across the battlefield I legitimately FELT tension. The music helped build it up but it was Jon’s and Ramsey’s faces and eyes that made the tension so immense. Great acting on both actors parts

  • I struggle with Kit being towards top. I have always felt he is the weakest of the lead characters on acting front. It certainly doesn’t help having the character written such that he makes some truly horrible decisions

  • Thrilled to see Alfie Allen win. I am very much looking forward to seeing him in season 7, and I love the fact that more and more fans are realizing that he is a sublime actor. To me the best by far. I feared he was being overlooked (again) because people have become so used to seeing him shine in every scene that they have become blind to how good he is because they simply set the bar higher for him than the other actors. Glad wicnet’s users saw past that and gave him his due. :)

  • Harrington was awesome, hands down. I think Allen is a great actor, and Jonathan Pryor is a seasoned actor to be sure. But when you pair a great script with a great actor (Harrington) well, there you have it. And I think that Harrington has much more for us in the future. Of course, this is only my opinion…ahem.