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Meet The Team

Ariba Bhuvad

Florida born, AZ native. Mental health advocate. TV show addict. Avid nerd convention attendee. All wrapped up into the girl known as Reebs.


Alexandria Ingham

Alexandria Ingham is the Site Expert at Claire and Jamie, Precinct TV, and Amazon Adviser within the FanSided network. She is also a contributor at many other sites and has been with FanSided since 2016, writing about Game of Thrones, Outlander, Grey's Anatomy, The Boys, Supernatural, and much more. When she's not writing, you can find her curled up with a good book or an intriguing dystopian or fantasy TV series. She is also a freelance writer for hire in niches such as lifestyle, entertainment, parenting, budgeting, and more.


Anwesha Nag

Anwesha is a writer, reader, cat mom, caffeine enthusiast, and obsessed with all things nerdy.

Ashley Hurst

Ashley loves all things fantasy and science fiction, especially if zombies are involved. In his spare time, he enjoys watching TV and superhero movies. When he's not sat in front of the TV, he's probably reading comic books. You contact him on Twitter @AshWHurst


Cody Schultz

Cody Schultz is the FanSided Entertainment and Lifestyle Director and host of Netflix Life: A Streaming TV Podcast. As a member of the FanSided network since April 2014 with nearly a decade of Entertainment writing experience, his work can be found across the FanSided Entertainment brands including at HiddenRemote.com, NetflixLife.com, OneChicagoCenter.com and BamSmackPow.com, among others. When he's not writing or developing strategies for covering today's biggest TV shows and movies, he's likely binge-watching yet another new TV show or geeking out about Marvel. Have an interview or feature pitch? Contact Cody at cody.schultz@fansided.com


Dan Selcke

Dan Selcke is a writer and editor living in Chicago. When not going to movies, watching TV, or playing videogames, he prefers to be sedentary.


Daniel Roman

Daniel Roman is the associate editor of Winter Is Coming. He writes from the seclusion of the Adirondacks in upstate New York, where he lives with his wife, cat, and a corgi/collie mix puppy who reminds him that the occasional break to walk outside is still a necessity. In addition to his work at WiC, he also write his own fantasy and science fiction stories, and is an avid gamer, traveler, and acoustic rock musician.


Federica Bocco

Federica is a journalist who likes to write social commentary based on popular (and obscure) media. In addition to being a certified Rotten Tomatoes critic, she is also a travel writer and author of various guidebooks. Her words have appeared in more than 20 publications around the world such as Lonely Planet, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Time Out, and have been translated into a dozen languages.


Jonathan Tomick

Jonathan Tomick has been writing about fantasy and science fiction for three years, and he's been enthralled by fantasy realms and distant galaxies for many more. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, he now resides in Maryland.


Joel Wagler

Joel is a life long sports and entertainment fan and has spent 14 years covering the NFL, MLB, college basketball, and college football, as well as TV, movies, books, and music as a writer, editor, and sports and entertainment director. He also coaches basketball and bowling for Special Olympics.

Michael Merriam

Boston born and bred, with some DC and England thrown in since, Michael is a contributor to WinterisComing.net on all things fantasy and science fiction. With degrees in International Relations and Conflict Studies, he especially likes tv shows with politicking and some casual warfare thrown in. Luckily the universe and modern media franchises provide! Shows covered include House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones, Halo, The Wheel of Time, and more.

Natalie Zamora

Natalie Zamora is the VP of Entertainment Content at FanSided. As part of the Minute Media team, her work can be found on Netflix Life, Hidden Remote, Winter is Coming, Mental Floss, and more. She's an expert on horror and celebrity gossip, and loves a good true crime documentary. She is the former co-host of podcasts One Good Scare and Can I Steal You for a Second?.


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