Contribute to WiC


Winter Is Coming is looking for volunteer contributors, freelance pitches, and potential connections with other Game Of Thrones-related websites!

For volunteers:

We’re looking for people who are interested in writing, gathering news, social media, copy editing, photo editing, and more. WiC will offer opportunities for promotion and growth for effective volunteers, as well as links back to your own website and portfolio-building. Beyond individual pieces, regular columns/contributions (and joining the Small Council) are volunteer-only at the moment.

For podcasters:

If you have an existing Game of Thrones-related podcast that you’d be interested in associating with Winter is Coming, definitely email us: we’re looking to have a strong variety running.

For publishers:

If you have a page/site that consistently produces high-quality Game Of Thrones-related content of any kind and are interested in a cross-posting agreement, please send us an email.

For freelancers:

We have the budget for a few individual paid freelance pieces per month from professional writers and creators.

How to pitch:

Please send a short email with your idea and plans for the article/post. I don’t want to read a full article; the opening few paragraphs or your thesis and an outline should suffice.

A brief bio and links to your prior work may also be helpful.

Email, and let us know if you’re a volunteer or freelancer.

Here is an incomplete list of freelance pitches that might catch our attention. These are not rules, only suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Interviews with cast and crew unavailable elsewhere
  • Video analyses of a single scene
  • Critical comparisons of Game Of Thrones or A Song Of Ice And Fire to other TV series, novels, or pieces of media
  • Personal essays about your relationship with Game Of Thrones
  • Lists that examine the show from an unexpected direction
  • Maps or graphics that simplify and explain a complex aspect of the narrative
  • Stuff that makes me laugh

Again, those are just possible examples—I’m interested in any high-quality Game Of Thrones-related writing or other content. Pitch away!