10 best The Last Kingdom characters not named Uhtred

While Uhtred of Bebbanburg made for an incredible protagonist in The Last Kingdom, he was far from the only memorable character the show (and books) had to offer.
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /
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The Last Kingdom is a fantastic show covering the unification of England in the ninth and tenth centuries. It features a fantastic, fictional lead character named Uhtred of Bebbanburgh, played with flair and excellence by Alexander Dreymon.

While the events of the 60-plus-year long story are based on historical fact, there was a nice mix of characters based on real people and fictional characters like Uhtred. Great writing and tremendous acting meant Uhtred was surrounded by a cast of characters fans will long remember.

There are a lot of things that make a good character. Often they display depth, either through thought or deed. They can grow and change over the course of the show, or be unique in a way that other characters aren't.

While everyone will have their favorites, here are some of the best characters that surrounded our intrepid hero for over 46 episodes and a movie.

10 great characters from The Last Kingdom not named Uhtred

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The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /

No. 10: Finan (Mark Rowley)

Finan is first introduced in season 2 and quickly endears himself to fans by helping Uhtred maintain his sanity and courage while being enslaved on a ship as an oarsman.

After they extricate themselves from that horrible experience, Finan becomes a key member of Uhtred's posse of loyal followers that the lead character always seemed to attract. Finan is a Catholic Irishman who never seems to mind that Uhtred was sometimes a Dane, sometimes a Saxon, and always a follower of the old gods.

Finan is often the comic relief. While he follows Uhtred, he doesn't do so blindly, often offering advice that runs counter to his lord's thinking. Sometimes he was listened to, other times not so much.

Finan settles in nicely as the boon companion so many of author Bernard Cornwell's lead characters tend to have, but with a humor and a carefreeness that's all his own. His loyalty, humor, and steadfastness made him a great character.