7 fantasy book series that would make terrific TV shows

Successful fantasy shows have enjoyed a surge of popularity in the 21st century, but there are still many incredible fantasy book series that have yet to be adapted for TV.
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Steelheart, book 1 of The Reckoners
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2. The Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is one of today's most prolific and imaginative fantasy writers. Best known for finishing The Wheel of Time series upon author Robert Jordan's death, Sanderson is an incredible writer in his own right who doesn't always write the same kind of story. While he has written epic classic fantasy, he's also done books set in the modern world, including his Reckoners series. It takes place in a world a few years after an event caused some humans to develop superpowers.

With powers came corruption, and the world ends up ruled by these new super-beings. The good news is these tyrants are secretly battled by the Reckoners, who want to restore a better life for mankind.

Reckoners is a three-book series, and unlike many of Sanderson's weighty tomes, these books are more easily digested. There is a lot of action and a collection of deep-but-flawed characters. It is probably closer to The Boys than DC Comics or Marvel, but Reckoners is not a copy or knock-off of either, but it's own unique story set in its own unique world.

Sanderson has created a world and characters that should appeal to a large audience. With the weight of his name, this series should have a big following.

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