7 things that we need to see in Fallout season 2

New Vegas! Super Mutants! Caesar's Legion! After the resounding success of Prime Video's Fallout series, here are some things we'd like the showrunners to include in season 2.
Walton Goggins (The Ghoul) in Fallout. Credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video © 2024 Amazon Content Services LLC
Walton Goggins (The Ghoul) in Fallout. Credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video © 2024 Amazon Content Services LLC /

Season 2 of Fallout was green-lit by Amazon Prime Video just a week after the streaming platform dropped all eight episodes of season 1. It's well-deserved, because season 1 blew away virtually everyone's expectations and was able to capture the dystopian magic of the Fallout video games. Whether it was the retro-futuristic setting, the dark humor or the incredible world-building, Fallout nailed almost everything, and we want more.

On the heels of all this success, Here are 10 things we want to see in Fallout season 2.

Kyle MacLachlan (Overseer Hank) in Fallout. Credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video © 2024 Amazon Content Services LLC /

1. A canon version of Fallout New: Vegas

One of the best things about the first season of Fallout was the city of New Vegas showing up at the very end, giving us a tease that the iconic location from the video games will be a major location in upcoming seasons. The show takes place 15 years after the events of the game Fallout: New Vegas, and that game features multiple endings. It would be nice if the Amazon show picked an ending and established it as the "official" canon ending. I don't know if we will get that, though.

The city of New Vegas is in clear sight in the final shot of the show, but the end credits suggest that the inside of the city is destroyed. None of the endings of New Vegas involve the city being destroyed, so that means it must have happened sometime in the 15 years between New Vegas and the Amazon Prime show. But under whose watch?

As the player, you can choose who rules New Vegas at the end of the game, whether it's Mr. House, the New California Republic, or Caesar's Legion. The game can also end with New Vegas operating as an independently owned city. The creators may opt to leave New Vegas' ending ambiguous to avoid establishing a hard canon ending, which would be kind of disappointing. Hank MacLean (Kyle MacLachlan) is clearly heading to the city for a reason, whether it be to link up with Mr. House, to retrieve something from inside the city, or something else. Perhaps Hank had something to do with the downfall of New Vegas, just like it was he who bombed the city of Shady Sands. We want answers.

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Fallout /

2. The fate of Cooper's family

One of the craziest twists from the Fallout show is learning that Copper Howard's wife Barb helped orchestrate the nuclear war that ended the world. When the bombs drop on Los Angeles, Cooper and his daughter are seen fleeing from the explosions on a horse, which probably didn't go that well. We don't know exactly what happened next. We pick up with Cooper hundreds of years later, long after he became a zombie-like ghoul. In the last episode, Cooper reveals that he has been looking for his family this whole time.

That is a long time to go without answers. Since Hank, Betty and other Vault-Tec employees were cryogenically frozen in Vault 31, one would think that Barb was too, since she was high up in the Vault-Tec pecking order. The mystery is how Cooper was separated from his daughter and whether she is with Barb or not.

I also want to know what the heck Cooper will do when and if he finds his family. Is he going to kill Barb? That wouldn't be a good way to get his daughter back. Also, does his daughter know that he is a ghoul? Because if she doesn't, that'd be a pretty scary reunion. There are so many questions on this front, and many answers to be revealed.

3. Super Mutants

Fallout: New Vegas featured a Super Mutant safe haven called Jacobstown. Jacobstown's fate depends on the actions of the player character The Courier. The best-case scenario is that Jacobstown becomes a thriving settlement that attracts Super Mutants from across the wasteland as a safe place to live under their leader Marcus.

I would love to see this questline followed up on in the Fallout show, as it also calls back to the original Fallout game from 1997. Most of the Super Mutants in the Southwest United States were created by the Fallout villain the Master, and scattered into the wild after his death. The idea that Marcus, a character who has existed since the inception of the series, could return in live-action is extremely intriguing, especially if the show reveals that Jacobstown has prospered since the events of New Vegas.

As a race, the Super Mutants are vilified in the wasteland and feared because of their brute strength, grotesque appearance and unstable behavior. But Marcus just wants his people to be safe and for Jacobstowbn to establish trade with surrounding settlements. Seeing this faction show up in season 2 would be awesome.

4. More monsters

Aside from the run-of-the-mill rad roaches, the irradiated black bear and the terrifying gulper, there were not a lot of monsters in the Fallout TV show. This was unusual because in the Fallout games there's something ready to kill you behind virtually every rock.

When Hank approaches New Vegas, we get a nice closeup of the skull of a deathclaw, enormous lizard-like creatures initially created by the U.S. government. In the wake of the Great War, the deathclaws escaped captivity and became the apex predator of the wasteland thanks to their size, aggressiveness and artificially enhanced senses. Seeing a skull on the ground was a nice nod to the creature's existance, but seeing one in live-action would be extremely cool.

Other monsters the characters could encounter in the wasteland include giant versions of normal animals, like wasps, praying mantises, flies, ants and geckos.

Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout. Credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video © 2024 Amazon Content Services LLC /

5. More factions

The Fallout show included many of the main factions we've come to know and love from the games, including the Brotherhood of Steel, the New California Republic (NCR) and Vault-Tec. But there are others out there who could become main players moving forward. With the Brotherhood of Steel taking control of the cold fusion technology in the season 1 finale, I'd like to see more opposing factions come out of the woodwork to challenge their dominance.

It's unclear if we will get to see the NCR as they appear in the games, complete with their formal military and extensive manpower. With the destruction of their capital city Shady Sands and their deffeat at he observatory, It seems like the faction is pretty fractured at this point. New Vegas may also be destroyed, and that was an important location for them.

Depending on the player's choices in Fallout: New Vegas, a faction called Caesar's Legion could still be out there. Although this faction would also probably be very weakened if it is still around, their appearance would make for extremely compelling television. The group takes much of its societal structure from ancient Rome, with a heavy focus on brutality and slavery to assert power. Even if there was only a rogue detachment of these guys still roaming around, it would be pretty satisfying to see Cooper Howard and Lucy take them out.

A myriad of other factions may or may not exist in the region surrounding New Vegas at this time. A group of Elvis impersonators called the Kings were a fan favorite, as were the artillery-wielding Boomers. As far as New Vegas itself, the three families each had their own casino on the strip while Mr. House's robot army of Securitrons kept order. But as we saw in the end credits of the show, these guys are likely long gone at this point.

Moisés Arias (Norm) in Fallout. Credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video © 2024 Amazon Content Services LLC /

6. An update on Norm

Lucy's brother Norm put his detective skills to good use in season 1, and his storyline resembled one we've seen a lot in the games. Discovering a new vault and uncovering the truth about what horrible experiments happened there is a Fallout staple. In Norm's case, he found out that the leaders in his vault had been determined centuries beforehand.

What's more, Norm's father Hank was involved with this conspiracy back when it began 200 years ago; he and his fellow leaders had been kept alive in cryogenic vaults for centuriesd. Not an easy pill to swallow if you ask me. Although Norm surely wants to do something about all of this, he was locked inside Vault 31 by the rolling brain of Bud Askins. It's unclear if his containment is permanent, or if Norm can kill Bud's brain and escape the Vault somehow. Or Norm could put himself in one of the cryo tubes and wake up in the distant future to become the protagonist of his own Fallout story. The possibilities are endless in this world, but I need to know something about what's in store for Norm in the next season.

Aaron Moten (Maximus) in Fallout. Credit: Prime Video © 2024 Amazon Content Services LLC /

7. What the heck will Maximus do now?

Maximus went through a heck of a roller coaster in season 1. He went from shoveling human excrement and being the Brotherhood of Steel's whipping boy to piloting his own power armor and leading the Brotherhood to capturing the secret of cold fusion, effectively making them lords of the wasteland. In between, he fell in love with Lucy and nearly got killed a handful of times.

But the final episode leaves Maximus' story pretty open. He and Lucy dreamed about living in a Vault together happily ever after, and it seems like that's what Maximus wants now. Maximus spent the entire first season thinking he wanted to move up in the Brotherhood ranks and attain glory, but when he eventually gets those things, a simple life of happiness with Lucy seems more desirable.

So the Brotherhood of Steel thinks Maximus is a hero, their leader is hell-bent on creating a new organization with Maximus at his side, and now they have the power to dominate the wasteland. But Maximus will want to track down Lucy and possibly help her take revenge on Hank for destroying Shady Sands. This will put him at odds with the Brotherhood once again, possibly leading to him deserting the faction.

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