David Tennant says his Doctor Who specials were "very much the end of the story"

David Tennant has revealed that he's ended his Doctor Who journey once and for all following his return for the 60th-anniversary specials in 2023.
The Doctor (David Tennant)
The Doctor (David Tennant) /

David Tennant's surprise return to the Doctor Who franchise for a trio of 60th-anniversary specials last year was a beautiful moment for fans. To see him reprise his iconic role for one final adventure in the TARDIS and wrap up his story with Donna (Catherine Tate) put a bow on his Doctor's saga, giving him the happy ending he deserved.

Tennant's Doctor is still out there in Chiswick, living a relaxing life following his bi-regeneration. Meanwhile, Ncuti Gatwa has taken the reins as the Fifteenth Doctor. Some fans saw this ending as somewhat open-ended, paving the way for the Tennant's Doctor to come out of retirement one day and fly off into space. However, according to Tennant, the Fourteenth Doctor's jorney is over.

"The Doctor’s happy. He is in a garden in Chiswick, being made mac and cheese by Bonnie Langford!," Tennant told RadioTimes. Of course, Tennant understands that the Whoniverse has the capacity to bring him back, having brought back past Doctors several times in its run. "The door is not any more open than it ever was, because in Doctor Who if you want to bring someone back, there are endless ways of doing it." But it dosn't sound like he's interested in coming back for more. "It’s very much the end of the story."

That said, with the Fourteenth Doctor still on Earth, fans are wondering if we'll see him join the battle when Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor gets into some particularly world-threatening trouble. Tennant tells fans not to read too much into it. "You could also say, 'Why has Patrick Troughton not landed here?!' It unpicks if you think about that too much. I’m retired! The Fourteenth Doctor is retired!"

To bring the Fourteenth Doctor back now would feel like a betrayal of his wholesome ending. He was left happy and relaxed, in the best place he could possibly be, having tied up over a decade of loose ends. Instead, the Whoniverse is looking nowhere but forward, with Ncuti Gatwa's first season as the titular Time Lord airing in May on the BBC and Disney+ for international viewers.

No, Doctor Who isn't coming to Fortnite

In a recent announcement, Disney revealed a huge collaboration with Epic, makers of the popular video game Fortnite. The deal will see dozens of Disney characters become playable in the game, from across Disney franchises such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar and more. The collaboration is huge to gamers, and many are demanding a Doctor Who deal.

Of course, the Doctor Who universe now has a distribution partnership with Disney. New episodes now air on Disney+, and Disney is contributing a substantial chunk of the show's budget. Naturally, fans are curious whether this collaboration stretches to Fortnite. However, according to showrunner Russell T Davies, there isn't anything to this rumor. "It's a complete myth, I'm afraid," he responded to a fan on Instagram.

Well, that puts an end to these rumors, at least for now.

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