Exclusive: We dive deep into Halo season 2 with the stars and showrunners

We talk to stars Joseph Morgan and Bokeem Woodbine, as well as producers Kiki Wolfkill and David Wiener, about the epic new season of Halo.
Bentley Kalu as Vannak-134 in Halo episode 5, season 1, Streaming on Paramount+. Photo credit: Adrienn Szabo/Paramount+
Bentley Kalu as Vannak-134 in Halo episode 5, season 1, Streaming on Paramount+. Photo credit: Adrienn Szabo/Paramount+ /

As we gear up for the highly anticipated second season of Paramount+'s Halo series, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with some of the brilliant minds bringing this universe to life.

Halo's first season was a wild ride through the reaches of space, with super-soldier Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber, who we talked to here) at the helm. We explored a well-loved universe where humans and the mysterious alien Covenant are at each other's throats, and it's up to Master Chief and his squad of equally beefy Spartan warriors to save the day. But it's not all about blasting aliens; there's a twisty tale of discovery as Master Chief starts to question everything he knows, including his own existence, thanks to a curious artifact that seems to have its own agenda.

Amidst the chaos of war, we also get a peek into the lives of the other characters, including a rebel with a heart of gold and a scientist who's got more secrets than Master Chief has bullets. It's a mix of explosive action, deep-space drama, and a dash of mystery that keeps you guessing.

In the upcoming second season, which premieres on February 8, we'll see new characters, grittier parts of the Halo universe, and more intriguing plot twists. We talked to stars Joseph Morgan and Bokeem Woodbine, as well as executive producer Kiki Wolfkill and new showrunner David Wiener, all about it. Each conversation offered a unique blimpse into what makes the Halo universe so compelling and complex.

Let's dissect our conversations, starting with our interview with actor Joseph Morgan (James Ackerson):

Joseph Morgan (James Ackerson) talks Halo season 2: The complexity of leadership

Joseph Morgan is an actor who can seriously light up the room with his smile. During out conversation, we discussed James Ackerson, a character whose motives and actions are bound to stir the pot.

Ackerson, notorious for initiating the Spartan-III project, is a figure of significant controversy. "People are going to feel like he's being set up as the villain," Morgan told us, "but I think we're going to take those people by surprise." Morgan went into more detail regarding Ackerson's psyche, arguing that his actions, driven by his wish to see humanity survive, aren't villainous but rather the tough decisions a leader must make in dire times.

To Morgan, Ackerson's story is one of sacrifice and misunderstood intentions. Also, the fact Morgan got ready for his role by playing Halo: Reach? *chef's kiss*

Bokeem Woodbine (Soren) brings grit and authenticity to Halo season 2

Bokeem Woodbine, who will be returning to Halo as Soren, shared his excitement for the action-packed direction of this upcoming second season. "In season 1, we had these moments where Soren got to shoot a lot of bad guys. It was so much fun." He's very excited about a particular hand-to-hand sequence in the upcoming season, along with numerous gunplay scenes.

Woodbine's enthusiasm for his character's evolution shines through as he discusses the freedom he was given to explore Soren's depth. "They didn't curtail my inspiration," Woodbine shared, highlighting the creative liberties that allowed him to inject a unique vitality into Soren, who isn't a character in the Halo video games. Soren provided Bokeem with the "liberty to be myself and put my own interpretation into play," offering a fresh and deeply personal take on the expansive Halo universe.

His enthusiasm is truly contagious.

Producers David Wiener and Kiki Wolfkill talk crafting a grittier, darker Halo

David Wiener is the new showrunner for Halo season 2. He has a clear vision: elevate the stakes and immerse viewers in a "grittier, darker, more grounded tone." Wiener wants viewers to sympathize with the characters' experiences, making the series feel "immediate and visceral."

Echoing this sentiment, executive producer Kiki Wolfkill talked about the herculean task of adapting such a beloved and legendary franchise video game franchise for TV. "The biggest challenge is how do you be true to what Halo is when Halo is 1000 things to 1000 different people," she said. Together, Wiener and Wolfkill navigate the delicate balance of honoring the essence of Halo while introducing new narratives and perspectives that expand the lore in meaningful ways, and I must say I'm excited to see the new direction season 2 will take.

New characters and lord in Halo season 2

The second season of Halo will spend some time with Corporal Perez, portrayed by Christina Rolo. Perez's story, as described by David Wiener, provides a crucial lens into the human side of the war, offering a counterpoint to the superhuman exploits of the Spartans. This approach, blending new and familiar elements, aims to deepen the Halo saga, exploring themes of humanity, duty, and sacrifice.

My chats with Joseph Morgan, Bokeem Woodbine, David Wiener and Kiki Wolfkill have left me more excited than ever for this upcoming new season of Halo. Each discussion revealed the passion, creativity, and dedication behind every decision.

As a fan of the Halo games who would spend entirely too much time on her Xbox 360 playing the games instead of going to sleep, I wait with bated breath to see how these new stories will unfold, further enriching the Halo universe we as a generation have come to adore. The stage is set for an unforgettable season, promising to bring new depths, challenges, and triumphs to the epic saga of Halo.

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