Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams land big new gigs

Sophie Turner stars alongside Saltburn's Archie Madekwe, Maisie Williams acts opposite Walton Goggins, and Bella Ramsey plays a terrorist in three new projects.
Episode 64 (season 7, episode 4), debut 8/6/17: Sophie Turner, Maisie Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Episode 64 (season 7, episode 4), debut 8/6/17: Sophie Turner, Maisie Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO /

It's been five years since the end of Game of Thrones, but the careers of the cast members continue to burn white hot. A trio of the leading ladies recently nabbed roles in some interesting new projects, starting with Sophie Turner, who played Queen in the North Sansa Stark.

Sophie Turner will star alongside Saltburn star Archie Madekwe in Haven for Amazon Prime Video

According to Deadline, Turner will play the lead role in a new show coming to Amazon Prime Video called Haven. She'll play Zara, an office worker at pension fund investment company Lochmill Capital. One day, a gang of violent thieves bust in and demand she helps them steal billions of dollars worth of ordinary people's pensions.

Archie Madekwe, who has some buzz thanks to his turn as Farleigh in Saltburn, will play Zara's best friend Luke. Warm Bodies star Jacob Fortune-Lloyd will play a detective.

Maisie Williams joins Walton Goggins in quiz show drama Press Your Luck

Digital Spy reports that Maisie Williams, who played Sansa's little sister Arya on Game of Thrones, will feature in the movie Press Your Luck, inspired by the real-life story of Michael Larson, who went on the game show Press Your Luck armed with inside information that helped him take home tons of money...until he was caught.

Paul Walter Hauser will play Larson. The rest of the cast is stacked. In addition to Williams, Press Your Luck will star Johnny Knoxville as well as Walton Goggins, a national treasure who can recently be seen in the Fallout TV show on Amazon.

Helen Sloan - HBO (5)
Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont - Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO /

Bella Ramsey plays a wanted terrorist in The White Widow

Finally, let's check in with Bella Ramsey, who played the pint-sized powerhouse Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones before moving on to star alongside fellow Thrones alum Pedro Pascal in HBO's zombie drama The Last of Us. According to Deadline, she'll play real-life British terrorist Sherafiyah Lewthwaite, aka the White Widow, in a movie called The Girl Next Door.

Lewthwaite was a 21-year-old mother of two when her husband Germaine Lindsay killed people in a London terrorist attack in 2005. She became a terrorist herself. Accused of causing the deaths of more than 400 people, she is currently living as a fugitive from justice in Kenya.

This film is about a young life-affirming idealist with a broken heart," said writer-director Bruce Goodison. "Sam turns her grief into a strength that was then exploited by men for purposes of global terror. I just didn’t believe the hype – was Sam really the terrorist mastermind the press and anti-terror police would have us believe, or was there another truth? Her truth...The film is unapologetically from Sam’s perspective – anyone playing Sam needs to be fearless. Bella Ramsey is the perfect fit. Bella will bring heart, life and complexity to this role.”

None of these projects have a release date as of yet, but it's cool to see Turner, Williams and Ramsey continue their careers.

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