Gunnar introduces Fallout Vault 33 protective glasses too good for the wasteland

Gunnar is known for creating protective eye-wear from blue light and UV rays with famous themes, but these Vault 33-themed glasses rank three out of Three Dogs.
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Fallout Gunnar Shades Header.jpg / Fallout Gunnar Shades. Image courtesy Eric Halliday

The Fallout TV show is a universal hit. We here in the real world have it much better than people in the wasteland, but just because you don't have to worry about nuclear fallout doesn't mean there aren't other forms of radiation you need to watch for. Blue Light and UV rays, for example, can cause problems for some folk.

I just recently got my first LED television this year (I know, I'm behind) and with it a brighter picture than I've ever had. My first night gaming I was blown away with not just the picture but the incredible headache I got. I didn't really link it to the TV. Then, one day eyewear company Gunnar hit me up and asked me if I wanted to do a write-up on one of their Fallout-themed UV glasses. I said sure, the glasses looked cool. I put them on while gaming one night and, suddenly, no headaches. I started using them when watching shows too. Heck, right now, I'm wearing them while watching the Fallout show and writing this article.

I've tried a bunch of stuff from Gunnar, from the Miles Morales glasses to the Loki ones. I've become a fairly big fan, but sometimes the glasses don't look quite right sitting on my noggin. Bright red frames and diamond-shaped lenses look a bit odd on a 40+ year old man.

But these Fallout ones? I admit, I was worried at first. I took out a shiny blue Vault 33 metal case in signature blue and yellow. Inside, I found a protective glasses bag and cleaning cloth, both with Fallout mascot Vault Boy on them. I figured whatever I was gonna pull out was gonna be bright blue and yellow. But what a nice surprise when those things left the bag and they looked gorgeous. More on par with the Pip-Boy screen, the dark green frames and the golden lenses looked smart and, honestly, go with anything.

The glasses come complete with a nice spring frame to keep them hugging your head even through the heaviest of wastelander disputes. Stainless steel frames with nylon edges keep the glasses comfortable and sturdy. And the Gunnar lenses, in addition to the excellent UV and blue light defense, feature some of the best anti-reflective coats I've ever seen. I've never had anti-reflective lenses on anything before and I didn't realize how good it could be when you don't have things behind you reflecting on the glass and obscuring your vision.

If you're interested in equipping these glasses into your particular build, you can snag a pair for $99 in standard and sunglass varieties. If you need prescription lenses, they'll be $299. Either way, these frames are worth every last bottle cap.

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