If you like Shōgun, read these other great historical novels by James Clavell

If the FX show Shogun has sparked your interest, there are five other books from the same author, James Clavell, you might like.
“SHOGUN” -- Pictured (L-R): Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne, Nestor Carbonell as Rodrigues. CR: Katie Yu/FX
“SHOGUN” -- Pictured (L-R): Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne, Nestor Carbonell as Rodrigues. CR: Katie Yu/FX /
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Author James Clavell
Author James Clavell / Wally McNamee/GettyImages

Whirlwind (1986), set in 1979, approximately 1,300 pages

Clavell shifts directions in this final book in his Asian Series, which is set not in the Far East but the Middle East. Whirlwind takes place in the tumultuous setting of Iran in 1979, when the Shah is disposed and the new Iranian government moved to nationalize many industries, including the oil industry.

While there are some tenuous ties to the House of Struan, Whirlwind is, for all practical purposes, a standalone book. It also differs in tone from other books in the saga, as it covers historical events that were fairly recent when the book was written (1986).

This is an intense, fast-paced novel that again employs numerous characters, plotlines, and points of view, though not to the extent of Noble House. It has one main, overwhelming plot — the revolution in Iran — and everything else stems from that.

Considering the history of events in Iran over the past four decades or so, this book also is the most relevant to today's world, and although it is very different from the other entries it the series, it is well worth the time to read for those interested.

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