Jack Black joins Jason Momoa in live-action Minecraft movie

Jack Black has joined the cast of the live-action Minecraft movie as Steve, the closest thing the franchise has to a main character. So who is Jason Momoa playing, then?
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With over 300 million copies sold, Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history. It's about...I don't know, ask your nephew. So far as I can tell, players wander around a world made entirely of blocks, building, destroying and doing anything they want. There may not seem to be much there on which to base a movie, but again, the game is hugely popular, so Hollywood is making one.

The plot of the movie is still under wraps. Will it be set entirely within the world of the games? Will it be more like the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, where characters from that video game series invade "our" world and exist alongside human actors? I'm betting it's a little closer to that, since the movie is reportedly a live-action film.

So we don't know what the Minecraft movie is about, but we do know who's in it. Game of Thrones veteran and Aquaman star Jason Momoa was one of the first cast members sussed out. Danielle Brooks, Sebastian Eugene Hansen and What We Do In The Shadows star Matt Berry are also part of the cast.

And now, Deadline reports that the ever-reliable Jack Black has joined the cast in the role of Steve, which is the name for the default playable character in Minecraft. Although, again, Minecraft really isn't about the plot, so Steve doesn't have much of a personality; he's an assortment of blocks who just happens to have become the face of the franchise. But the franchise is so popular that the character still features in the roster of Super Smash Bros. and has a lengthy Wikipedia entry. Minecraft players make their own fun.

Again, the question arises: if Steve is a cipher onto which players project their own identities, what is his role in this movie? Is Jack Black ilterally playing a man named Steve? Is he voicing the famous pile of blocks? And if he's playing Steve, who is the closest thing Minecraft has to a main character, why is Jason Momoa being billed as the lead of this movie? The mysteries are impenetrable!

All will be revealed when the Minecraft movie comes out in theaters on April 4, 2025. Black at least has video game movie experience. He delighted audiences as the voice of Bowser in last year's Super Mario Bros. Movie and will feature this year in the Borderlands movie, which is just one of several video game adaptations coming our way in 2024:

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