Kit Harington producing Empire of Dirt, a "very British western"

Kit Harington is producing a new eight-part series about a man who returns to his rural home and finds himself the leader of a drug empire. It happens.

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Game of Thrones star Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is making moves now that Westeros is in the rear-view mirror. He teamed with writer Daniel West to create Thriker Films, which is producing a new eight-part series: Empire of Dirt.

That's a working title, by the way; it puts me in mind of that one Nine Inch Nails song. In a statement, Harington and West said that the show is a “very British Western." It's about a young man named Jake, a city dweller who returns to his home in the rural Lake District after 15 years to attend the wedding of a distant cousin. After an accident, he finds himself the head of the family, which is complicated given that his father happens to run multimillion-dollar drug racket. Whoops, Jake's a drug kingpin. It happens.

“The Galloways are a family fighting to survive, wrestling with their identity, trauma and the burden of inheritance, as ancient traditions collide with the mores of modern Britain,” Harington and West summarized. We don't know who's going to play Jake, but Deadline suggests that Harington could do it, which makes sense. He's famous, he's an actor, and he's British, perhaps even very British. The difference between being the leader of a drug empire and the leader of the Night's Watch is minimal at best.

In the meanwhile, Harington has other irons in the fire, including a potential Game of Thrones sequel show all about Jon Snow. Although don't expect that to run anytime soon, if ever:

harington. Kit Harington reportedly says the Jon Snow show isn't happening, at least not now. dark. Next

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