Outlander spinoff casts Jamie's parents AND Claire's parents

The upcoming Outlander spinoff show Blood of my Blood won't just be about Jamie Fraser's parents. We'll also see how Claire's parents met and fell in love.
Outlander season 2
Outlander season 2 /

The seventh season of Outlander is coming back this year. After that, fans only have one season left to enjoy before the epic love story between Jamie and Claire Fraser comes to an end.

But Starz isn't making us quit cold turkey. It's readying a spinoff series called Blood of My Blood, which before now it was thought would be about Jamie Fraser's parents, Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie. But now that Deadline has announced the casting, we've learned that the show will also feature Claire's parents Henry Beauchamp and Julia Moriston.

“We’re thrilled to be telling the stories of these two couples," showrunner Matthew B. Roberts said in a statement. "The origins of their relationships explore universal themes that transcend time and we’re so excited for fans to discover and fall in love with these characters and their love stories the way they have with Claire and Jamie.”

Blood of My Blood is being billed as a "prequel," but now I'm not so sure. Jamie's parents met in Scotland in the early 18th century, while Claire's met in London in the early 20th, around the time of World War II. So while the adventures of Jamie's parents will take place after pretty much everything from the original series, the stuff with Claire's parents will take place after most of it, since Claire goes back in time to live with Jamie in the 1700s.

I'm probably overthinking this, but I'm calling Blood of My Blood a "spinoff" until it all makes sense in my head. Anyway, let's meet the new cast members. Jamie Fraser's father Brian be played by Jamie Roy (oh god, that's two Jamies, it's already getting confusing), who's appaeared in stuff like Condor's Nest and Flowers and Honey. Jamie's mother Ellen MacZenzie will be played by Harriet Slater, who starred in the Batman-adjacent drama series Pennyworth. Here are their faces:

Outlander: Blood of My Blood
Harriet Slater and Jamie Roy, Outlander: Blood of My Blood /

As for Claire's parents, her dad Henry Beauchamp will be played by Jeremy Irvine, who has credits in War Horse and the second Mamma Mia! movie:

Jeremy Irvine
Qatar Goodwood Festival 2022 / Dave Benett/GettyImages

And Claire's mom Julia Moriston will be played by Hermione Corfield, who's appeared in The Road Dance and We Hunt Together:

Hermione Corfield
Cartier Style Et Luxe At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2022 / Dave Benett/GettyImages

There's no release date set yet for Blood of My Blood, but I'm guessing it won't be out too long after the original series concludes in 2025.

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