Review: The Bad Batch squeezes in one last filler episode with "Juggernaut"

After this, hopefully we've seen the last of the filler episodes from Star Wars: The Bad Batch.
Hunter in a scene from "STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH", season 3 exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.
Hunter in a scene from "STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH", season 3 exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved. /

Just before the final stretch of episodes in the entire show, Star Wars: The Bad Batch managed to uncork one final filler episode that left behind an unsatisfied feeling.

Wrecker, Hunter and Crosshair find themselves needing to locate Mount Tantiss to once again rescue Omega, who turned herself in at the end of the previous episode. With the help of the treasure hunter Phee, the crew is able to track down Crosshair's old boss Admiral Rampart. In season 2, The Bad Batch helped expose Rampart for his part in destroying the Kaminoan capital of Tipoca City. For his crimes, Rampart was made a prisoner. Now we find him being forced to work hard labor.

After the crew hijacks a turbo tank and shoots their way to Rampart, they take him home and interrogate him about the location of Mount Tantiss. Of course he doesn't know, but he says that he might know how to find out, leaving us with another annoying cliffhanger for a relatively small plot point. With so few episodes left, I didn't think this show would feature another fetch quest episode that results in next to nothing. At least they actually found Rampart in this episode. I guess?

At Tantiss, Omega is given a rundown on why she's important by Dr. Hemlock, who tells her that she has a high M-count for some reason. I'm not sure why he would tell her that she is the key to his evil plans before he throws her in a cell with other prisoners, but that's pretty much what happened. Emerie doesn't seem to be any closer to betraying Hemlock for now, but I bet a few hopeful monologues about doing the right thing from Omega in the coming episodes will do the trick.

It amazes me how one week this show is at its finest while just one week later, I'm wondering why the heck I like this show. I just need to feel some endgame-level events starting to form soon because there isn't much time left.

Episode Grade: C-

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