See Kit Harington as a tech billionaire in Industry season 3

Kit Harington returns to HBO as green tech billionaire Sir Henry Muck (not a promising name) in the third season of Industry, which premieres in August.
Industry season 3
Industry season 3 /

It's been years since Kit Harington starred as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, but he isn't done with HBO. He'll soon appear in the third season of Industry, playing the CEO of a green tech energy company called Lumi that's about to go public. HBO has just released a couple of new images:

Industry season 3 /
Industry season 3 /
Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway 2023 - - - 07973 442527 | Caption : 18.04.23 - Industry 3, Block 1, Day 2. Sc.2/33 - INT. MAYFAIR RESTAURANT : HENRY tells YASMIN he wants to seduce her. /

Industry is about a group of newly minted bankers getting out there to try and make their fortune in what the official description calls "the pressure cooker environment and sex and drug fueled blitz" of the international banking world. Kit Harington's character, the unflatteringly named Sir Henry Muck, will be a big part of season 3, as the bankers at Pierpoint & Co help him take his company public.

Returning cast members include Marisa Abela (Yasmin), Harry Lawtey (Robert) and Ken Leung (Eric), whose characters will be helping with the IPO. Meanwhile, Myha’la returns as Harper, who's "eager to get back into the addictive thrill of finance."

Industry season 3 /
Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway 2023 - - - 07973 442527 | Caption : 29.08.23 - Industry 3, Block 4 Day 95. Sc.7/21 - PENARTH PIER : YASMIN and ROBERT talk of love and tripping. They kiss. /
Industry season 3 /
Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway 2023 - - - 07973 442527 | Caption : 28.04.23 - Industry 3, Block 1 Day 10. sc.2/13pt1 - INT. FUTUREDAWN - PETRA'S OFFICE : HARPER leads PETRA through the sale. /

As for Harington, this isn't the first time he's played a problematic (I'm guessing) tech billionaire; he also played on in the Amazon Prime Video series Extrapolations; maybe he's trying to manifest something?

Like most tech billionaires, Sir Henry Muck will spend at least one scene swimming toppless in his pool trying to seduce our characters. "It's like looking into a mirror," says Elon Musk.

Industry hasn't taken off and become a cult smash that way that some other HBO shows have, but it could serve as a fun, slightly more soapy companion piece of Succession, another HBO drama about the uber-rich. The third season premieres on August 11.

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