Sophie Turner recalls 'pointing fingers at each other' over Game of Thrones coffee cup

Five years later and the cast and crew are still litigating the Case of the Mysterious Coffee Cup. "Somebody should have got fired for that one."
Photograph by Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Photograph by Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO /

Game of Thrones went viral for a lot of reasons over its eight seasons on the air, most of them related to sudden character deaths, sexual impropriety, or some other touchy topic. One of the oddest things it blew up over was a coffee cup visible on a table at Winterfell in the episode "The Last of the Starks" from the eighth and final season. HBO digitally removed the cup within a couple of days, but the damage was done and the cup became a star.

Who left the cup there? The culprit was never authoritatively identified, although according to Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) the cast and crew were all pointing fingers at each other, comparing the experience to the reality show The Traitors. “I think it was slightly embarrassing that none of us noticed it,” Turner said in a video recorded as part of her interview with British Vogue. “It was quite glaringly obvious.”

"It caused quite a bit of controversy on set, actually. We were all kind of pointing fingers at each other and it kind of turned into like a game of Traitors...Somebody should have got fired for that one."

Turner is talking in a playful tone here, so I don't know if she really thinks someone should have been fired over Coffee Cup-gate. Or maybe she's overcompensating because she's the one who left it there, and intends to take the truth to her grave.

We're through the looking glass, people.

But really, it's remarkable how long memory of that coffee cup has lasted considering how little it appeared onscreen. Like the best of stars, it burned brightly but briefly and left behind a legacy none can forget. As for Turner, she's headlining the new series Joan, about real-life British jewel thief Joan Hannington, coming to ITV sometime this year.

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