Take the Black: True Detective fan controversy, Wheel of Time AI controversy

What do we make of the online backlash do True Detective: Night Country? Also, what does it mean that someone has made a "Wheel of Time AI"?
Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO
Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO /

Every week on Take the Black, we talk about the latest news in the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, movies, books and TV, and deliver it onto you in digestible chunks and are as informative as they are entertaining. Do we talk about Netflix's new Last Airbender remake? No, we hadn't seen it when we recorded this. Do we talk about the upcoming Dune sequel? See above. But we do talk about things, of that you can be certain.

Specifically, we dig into some of the backlash that's been directed against the latest season of True Detective, this time subtitled Night Country. Do unhappy fans have a point, or are they just triggered by lady cops? Also, what to make of this new "Wheel of Time AI" we've heard about?

Plus we go over some of the latest dispatches from the set of House of the Dragon season 2. Watch the newest episode of Take the Black below!

And as always, we finish with an installment of our world-famous WiC News Lightning Round, where we run through several news stories and give our 20-second reactions. Wait, it's not world-famous yet? Well, here's your chance to say you discovered it first.

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