Terry Brooks announces release date for 33rd Shannara book, Galaphile: The First Druids of Shannara

Author Terry Brooks has been writing books in his high fantasy Shannara series since 1977, and he's still going:
NYCC Official Trailer | The Shannara Chronicles: Now on Spike TV
NYCC Official Trailer | The Shannara Chronicles: Now on Spike TV / MTV

In 1977, author Terry Brooks released The Sword of Shannara, a high fantasy epic set in a land populated by elves, trolls, dwarves, gnomes and humans. Unlike The Lord of the Rings, which was designed to serve as a myth of our ancient past, the Shannara books are set in our future, after a great war has knocked us back to medieval times. And also there are elves and stuff now.

Now 80 years old, Brooks has been writing Shannara books consistently for decades, having put out 32 so far. And he's still going. He has now announced that his next book, Galaphile: The First Druids of Shannara, will come out on March 11, 2025.

In Shannara lord, the Druids are an order of researchers, philosophers and magic users. They were first assembled by the Elf Galaphile, who brought together the most learned men and women in the four lands not long after the end of the Great Wars. That means the new book will be set pretty early on in the Shannara timeline, which between all the books spans many centuries.

It's cool to see Brooks still finding new corners of this world to explore. His books were briefly adapted to the small screen as The Shannara Chronicles, which ran for two seasons on MTV. Even if that show didn't stick around, the original book series is a mainstay. If you're interested in the new book, you can pre-order Galaphile: The First Druids of Shannara here.

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