The family is back together in Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 5

The latest episode of The Bad Batch brings the band back together as two brothers hash out a years-long feud.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 4, Episode 4 "A Different Approach." Crosshair. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 4, Episode 4 "A Different Approach." Crosshair. Image Credit: /

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has a full squad for the first time in a while in season 3 episode 5, "The Return," where Crosshair makes a triumphant return to the team.

To add even more nostalgia, the crew calls Echo to join them on a mission to gather intel about Mount Tantis. Crosshair tells them they might find something at the same base where he encountered the clone Mayday in season 2, which has since been abandoned. Crosshair made a connection with Mayday but tragically couldn't stop him from dying because of the abusive actions of a cruel Imperial officer. Although it cost him his place in the Imperial army, Crosshair took revenge on the officer and landed himself in the slammer at Mount Tantis.

Now the crew returns and Crosshair slowly gives in to Hunter's prying questions and admits that he betrayed the Empire after the officer left him and Mayday to die. But Crosshair is tired of Hunter questioning everything he says, so he tells him off, saying Hunter is guilty about Omega getting captured and jealous that she escaped with Crosshair's help. It's a scene that I've been waiting to see for years at this point, and this entire episode has the brothers work out their differences in the most satisfying way.

When it looks like they're about to start exchanging blows, Hunter and Crosshair are forced to work together to elude a giant space worm. Crosshair proves that he's trustworthy when the worm is about to eat Hunter alive but Crosshair helps him get away. Afterwards, the brothers exchange a look that suggests they're cool with each other now. A giant hug from Wrecker and reassuring words from Echo seem to put the conflict to bed, but we get one more fantastic exchange between Hunter and Crosshair.

Crosshair takes it upon himself to answer a question Hunter asked him way back on Kamino in season 1. Crosshair admits that he thought he was doing the right thing and being a good soldier by taking the Empire's side, but he knows now that it was all a mistake. Hunter forgives him, and they agree to seek a better path together and try to make things right.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch review, Episode 305, "The Return"

Omega acts as the glue of the group more than ever these days as Hunter is understandably apprehensive about trusting Crosshair. It's interesting to see her be Crosshair's only ally while he's bickering with Hunter, and without her, they probably would've left Crosshair on a remote planet to rot. But I'm glad they didn't because Crosshair ends up saving Hunter from the space worm, which poetically parallels Crosshair's failure to save Mayday on this planet last season.

Seeing Hunter and Crosshair come together has been a long time coming and I think it was executed to near perfection in this episode. It feels like he can never fully atone for betraying his family, but this is as close as he can get . Now that Crosshair and Omega are fully reassimilated into the team and Echo is back in the fold, I'm pretty excited to see where things go from here. I'm sure Rex and his crew will be along for the ride when the Clones try to free their brothers from Mount Tantis. They were able to get a list of prisoners being held at the secret base so they have a place to start planning their next move and hopefully make Dr. Hemlock pay for his cruelty.

Episode Grade: A

Star Wars: The Bad Batch kicks off its final season with a bang. dark. Next. bad batch

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