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True Detective: Night Country
True Detective: Night Country /

Over the weekend, HBO aired the season premiere of True Detective: Night Country, which is actually the fourth season of True Detective, but now with a new subtitle. As with every season, we're introduced to a new cast of characters solving a new crime. This time it's a pair of detectives played by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis who have to figure out what happened to a group of scientists who disappeared from an Alaskan research station and turned up dead on the ice. The subtitle, "Night Country," refers to the long Alaskan winter, where the sun doesn't show itself for months.

Every previous season of True Detective has run for eight episodes. For Night Country, HBO is cutting back to six. I guess Jodie Foster's time doesn't come cheap? Here's when the episodes air:

  • "Part 1": Sunday, Jan. 14
  • "Part 2": Sunday, Jan. 21
  • "Part 3": Sunday, Jan. 28
  • "Part 4": Sunday, Feb. 4
  • "Part 5": Sunday, Feb. 11
  • "Part 6": Sunday, Feb. 18

As you can see, the show is also dispensing with episode titles. Before, the episodes had names like "Form and Void" and "The Great War and Modern Memory." Now it's just "Part 1," "Part 2," etc. There are changes afoot!

In addition to watching new episodes of True Detective: Night Country linearally on HBO, you can also stream them on Max. Be careful out there. The night is cold and dark and full of murder.

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