Watch the new trailers (yes, there are 2) for House of the Dragon season 2

Watch the "Green" and "Black" trailers for House of the Dragon season 2, which premieres on June 16!
House of the Dragon season 2
House of the Dragon season 2 /

HBO has just dropped two — count 'em, two — trailers for the second season of House of the Dragon, which is officially premiering on HBO and Max on June 16! Just a few months now.

We have both a "Black" trailer and a "Green" trailer. The Blacks and the Greens are the two factions at war in this Game of Thrones prequel series; the Blacks follow Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D'Arcy), who was promised the Iron Throne by her father King Viserys since she was young; and the Greens follow her younger half-brother King Aegon II Targaryen (Tom Glynn-Carney), whose mother Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke) and grandfather Otto (Rhys Ifans) schemed to get him on the throne after Viserys died near the end of the first season.

Let's start with the "Black" trailer, featuring mostly Team Rhaenyra. Watch below:

"I mean to fight this war, and win it," Rhaenyra says. But will she still feel that way when she sees how much blood is shed? House of the Dragon is based on a book by author George R.R. Martin called Fire & Blood. It chronicles the Dance of the Dragons, a brutal inter-family conflict where both sides suffer greatly. The second season of the show will get into the meat of it.

We get appearances from Rhaenyra's mercurial husband Daemon (Matt Smith) as well as her advisor Rhaenys Targaryen (Eve Best), who regularly gets the best lines in these trailers. "When the desire to kill and burn takes hold and reason is forgotten, you will not even remember what began the war in the first place."

"I fear what I have begun," Rhaenyra says at the end.

Next up, let's watch the "Green" trailer:

Alicent Hightower still believes that her late husband King Viserys wanted his son Aegon to succeed him rather than his daughter Rhaenyra, partly because of a misunderstanding on his deathbed, and partly because of an envious jealousy of Rhaenrya that goes back years. It's complicated. Like the Blacks, the Greens are convincing themselves that they're on the just side of this war, even though one may not exist.

King Aegon gets a fair amount to do in this trailer, which is appropriate considering that he'll become more important as the story goes. "To war, then," he says cheerfully. Also, we get a glimpse of his golden dragon Sunfyre, who was notably absent from season 1. Finally, we have to mention Aegon's one-eyed brother Aemond (Ewan Mitchell), who's eager to go head-to-head with his uncle Daemon. With a war on, he may get his wish.

Once again, the second season of House of the Dragon premieres on HBO and Max on June 16.

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